The Solstice

I went to a beautiful solstice celebration tonight that was held in the Churches sanctuary. The chairs had been set up in a large spiral with the altar in the center. The door into the sanctuary was covered with a beautiful tapestry depicting a winter scene and had a door guard. He allowed people to enter one at a time, whereupon they cleansed & grounded themselves with blessed sea salt. (He also let no one enter once the ceremony had began.) They then dipped their hands in water before the greeter helped dry them with a beautiful Christmas towel. Their journey into the center of the spriral began between two musicians; a bodhrán and a flute. It was just so calming and centering walking through the heartbeat and making my way throught the spiral. And my mother was right behind me, although I had to stop at a certain spot while she kept going. She wound up sitting beside the young Gog & Goddess right at the heart of the spiral. Since I was calling East, my place was right behind the High Priestess. The ceremony itself was just so energizing and cleansing. One man that sang has an absolutely beautiful voice (singing and speaking). His is one that is very memorable and that you will always recognize, such as Sean Connery and Morgan Freeman. Their voices are among those that I will put on just to listen to, wether I actually watch the movie or not.

I wore one of my salwar kameez of a gorgeous gold material. It wasn't shiny but it's kind of shimmery. Really pretty. It was heavy with beadwork and sequins but I thought it especially appropriate because not only were we welcoming back the sun (yellow) but the sequins caught the light quite well. We only had candlelight, and what lights there were on the Christmas tree. I also wore my heavy East Indian knecklace set for the first time. It was gold with deep amber stones so it was also very appropriate. LOL. My ears were killing me by the time I got home. That's what I get for not wearing any earrings for months and then wearing really heavy ones.

After cakes & cider, the circle was broken and the young God led us in a dance through the spiral and out through the door while we sang Deck the Halls.

This is the most calm / energized (I know, it's a contradiction) that I have been in a very long time and I can't wait to see what we have planned for the Summer Solstice.

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