Busy Day

Today was a very busy day. The girls had appointments for shots this morning, at nine. It's a good thing I planned for snow, and got up early. (I hate getting up in the dark.) It took us over forty minutes just to drive 20 miles. Bleh.......... We got there right on time though. Yay. Poor little Deedee got six shots. Can you believe that? She's not even two. Poor little girl. She was really cute and got lots of sympathy from everyone though. She was wearing her little candy cane striped outfit with pompom fringe on the legs and a Santa hat. Even poor little Kitty got three shots. Both of the girls only wuffled a little bit. Deedee especially was brave.

From there we ran across the street for Kitty's six month checkup. We were early again. Unfortunately, that's the end of being early. :( We were called in right on time, but then our doc was called out for an emergency. So he was over forty minutes late. Sigh..... Kitty's doing great though. She weighs 13 pounds 7 oz and she's 26 inches long. She's still nursing full time, but we have started cup feeding her. So now I can start getting out and about without her always attached at the hip, so to speak.

I tried to go visit my sister, but couldn't get up the hill because it so icy. LOL. I don't think I moved more than 3 feet and I was sliding all over the road. Scared the hell out of me but the kids had a blast. So I put the kibosh on that plan and went shopping instead. I then had to rush home, and get the boys together for their Parent's as Teachers (PAT) appointment at the library . They had lots of fun today. They played bus, Kitty played with a big water mat, and the boys made reindeer. They're really cute. Poor little Deedee wasn't feeling too well though so she curled up in my lap. And all of them got beautiful hardback books with letters signed by our state governor and first lady.

Tree time! I got my first real tree since I moved out of my parents. Well, no, that's a lie. I did have a Christmas bush one year. I bought this little thing at the local grocery. It was really cute, and even came with ornaments. But it was horrible scratchy and it kept falling over. So after that it was the fake tree. But I really missed the smell of fresh pine. Yes, it takes a lot of work. But, it's worth it. It really makes me feel connected to be choosing a special tree to symbolize the rebirth of life. So me, my brother Jason, and Charles all went out hunting for the perfect tree today. It didn't take long, much to the dismay of Charles. He wanted to look some more and go sledding but it was getting dark. So we quickly prayed over the tree, blessed it and then left a small offering of tobacco before Jason cut it down. I can't wait to get it home and put it up with my parents antique tree stand.

And today was the solstice, which is another reason I was up early, so I could greet the sun. Today was also the first day of winter. It officially began at 7:22 P.M. EST (Dec. 22, 00:22 GMT). Did you know that the Latin word solstice literally means "sun standing still"? At the moment of the winter solstice, the sun's journey in the sky over the past six months has reached its furthest southern position. Now starts the long slow return of the sun and the revolution of the wheel into spring. I can't wait until I see the first snowdrops peeking above the snow.

And I'm stuck at my parents tonight. I meant to go home, but I fell asleep feeding Kitty and when I woke up it was too late. Nothing is so important that I have to drive home on icy roads with four little ones.

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