Happily N'Ever After

I just found out about this really cute little movie and I can't wait to take the kids. It's from the creators of Shrek and will be in theaters January 5, 07.

The wise Wizard in charge of keeping the balance between Good and Evil has gone on holiday and his two assistants mess things up. An alliance of evil-doers, led by Frieda (Cinderella's stepmother), looks to take over Fairy Tale Land. But when Ella discoveres her storybook existence is about to be ruined, she takes a dramatic turn and blossoms into the leader of the resistance effort. Now, she has to wake up from her romantic dream, stop Frieda, and restore the balance of Good and Evil. Can she save the day and find true love where it's least expected?

Directed by Paul Bolger, the cast includes such notables as George Carlin, Sigourney Weaver, Andy Dick, Sarah Michelle Geller, Patrick Warburton, and Freddy Prinze Jr.

Check out Happy N'Ever After (the official movie site) for a trailer, a larger synopsis, more about the actors, cool downloads and fun games. Check it out at IMDB, too!

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