The kids got to meet Santa tonight. A man from Church was dressing up and going around visiting the little ones. My children are so funny. We went to Carey's parents since they have more room and we thought they we enjoy taking part. Their camera also came in handy. :D So Carey popped his head in to let us know he was on his way up the stairs and the kids went nuts. They ran to the door yelling Santa, Santa. But as soon as he got in and sat down, Charles refused to have anything to do with him (and he was the first one to greet Santa, silly little boy) and James took a few minutes to warm up. Sigh.......there went any visions I had of having all four children calmly standing around Santa for a beautiful heartwarming picture. We did finally get pictures, but it took at least me sitting beside Santa and the child on my lap. And it took Carey to hold onto Charles. Only Kitty sat on his lap by herself. Even Carey's 93 year old grandmother, Doris, had her picture taken with him. As soon as I'm able to get the pics from Mom, I'll get a few uploaded. They are really cute.

We also went to a Christmas party. I enjoyed myself although I only knew one other person there. I mostly felt a little on the sidelines since everyone knew each other pretty well and I think they kept forgetting that I was there. I guess I'm too quiet. We had a gift exchange and I got a nice big goody basket of bath stuff so I'm in heaven and Carey wound up with a little box of chocolates. He was lucky. Most of the guests were women so of course the gifts were all mostly girly stuff. Heh, Heh. The kids made out like fat rats with playdough, crayons, and coloring books.

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