Christmas Eve

Today has been busy already. Christmas for Kids, a local charity for needy children, went overboard and delivered four big garbage bags full for the kids. Each child, including Kitty, got an average of 7 presents apiece. Bleh. I just got rid of stuff and here comes more! One of Deedee's gifts was as big as she is.

They all had a blast opening presents with Gramma Sue & Papa Stu. They made out like fat rats and got way too much. For James, the big hit was a Pirate Treasure Chest playset that Gramma Sue got for him. It was elcipsed only briefly by a little dragon car playset. Deedee was in heaven when she got two, count that, two, new pairs of boots. That little girl loves shoes, and that was actually one of her first words. Charles big hit was a new silky. He loves soft, shiny fabrics and he received a long length (approximately 4 yards) of a soft, satiny sky blue fabric. He's hasn't let if out of his sight since.

Carey grumbled because I dressed us all up again. The boys wore the same little tuxedos they wore for Christmas pics, as well as Kitty was in the same plaid dress although this time she wore a pair of lace tights I wore when I was a baby. However, I wore a black dress with beautiful beadwork on the bodice. And Deedee wore an adorable little Santa Claus outfit that Gramma Sue got her; a little red dress with white cuffs and beaded snowflakes on the skirt and a little matching hat. Everyone loved it and she strutted she was so pleased with herself. It's so funny watching a one year old strut.

Carey had a speaking part in the Christmas Eve service. I thought he did quite well although he's being too hard on himself. Of course, I missed over half of the service but at least I got to hear him speak. When we arrived at the Church, Deedee made a beeline to the nursery only to discover that there wasn't an childcare so it was dark & empty. Both she and Charles were very dissapointed and it went downhill from there. None of the kids could be quiet during the service and they were all talking very loudly. It wasn't so bad with James. He was asking about things that was happening and it only took a little to get him to talk quieter. But Charles and Deedee decided to play hide & seek with the pews. And Kitty got bonked on the head, which woke her up and got her sqawking. Of course, this all happened when Carey was speaking, and I only have two hands. Kitty wound up getting passed off to another woman to hold while I tried to dig the kids out from under a pew.

Grrrr...... My children are only being normal little kids, but it's hard because you see all of these other kids behaving. Then again, most other couples only had one or two kids whereas we have a lovely little qaurtet, so we're four times louder. After Carey was finished speaking, he took Charles downstairs, and I followed him a few minutes later with Kitty. James & Deedee had no problems staying with Janice and listening to the singing until Carey could get back up there. I wish I could have stayed upstairs to listen, but that's what I get. I had to leave so I could feed Kitty because for the first time I wore something that was not conducive to nursing. Sigh......that's what I get for giving into vanity. But, I had a nice, quiet, empty nursery to feed her in while Charles played. After Carey came down with the other two, (Deedee fell off the pew and hit her head pretty bad, and Carey said James kept asking for me, very loudly.) I escaped back upstairs to catch the last couple of songs.

And it was the song Each Night a Child is Born is a Holy Night that helped me to just stop, take a deep breath and relax. Our children are a precious gift as well as a learning experience. We have to take the bad with the good and you have to have humor to do so. As well as acceptance and understanding. Our children are our future and it's how we shape them now that will shape the world in the future.

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