Ok, well, I am relieved. The agencies that report to Family Watchdog reported the wrong address for that guy! Not only was it the wrong address, but the wrong town and the wrong state! Bleh All of that upset over nothing... sigh... Ah, well, I'm glad to learn that I don't have to worry about a child molester living only a few buildings away. Now the closest one is a 1/4 of a mile.

This weekend had me feeling really stretched and out of sorts. I didn't go to the Samhain celebration I'd so been looking forward to. Instead, I took the kids to family night at Church and we had a lot of fun. Everyone enjoyed the pumpkin butter that I made. Of course, I was pretty much the only one that didn't play a game since I was too busy chasing little ones around and keeping them out of each others plates. I did manage to play a pizza game with the little ones, but that didn't last long before I was chasing Kitty out of something or other.

After we got home, my friend Patti and I did our kid free shopping. I stocked up pretty well, but since I don't buy my meat from that store, I still need to get that and also stop in at the local produce market for the vegge. But we're now well stocked on soups, pastas, etc. I've been amazed at how much money we've been saving lately by completely avoiding all junk food (I don't even bother going down the candy & chip aisles) and most convenience foods. I am rarely found in the freezers sections any more. No more pizza snacks, pot pies, burritos, hot pockets, etc. Once in a while I will pick up a frozen pizza or lasagna but I usually get them fresh at Papa Murhpy's. We buy no caffeinated pops, very little cold cereal, and very few chips. So while it takes longer to prepare foods now, we're definitely saving money, less packaging to deal with, and we're eating healthier. Carey has been spending much less time in the bathroom now although his doc is still concerned about IBS.

Carey is doing great in his acting job. He's also been spending extra volunteer time with it as well, and they've been giving him gift certificates for restaurants for his time. He's settled upon his classes for next semester and he'll be registering for them tonight although it will make him a few minutes late for class. But he needs to register as soon as possible when the classes open to make sure he gets a spot.

I asked Carey to stay home from his D&D game this week. I was just really wanting to spend time with family, especially him once the kidlets were in bed. We had a big talk about a lot of stuff and I really feel things are starting to turn around. I'm starting to get the motivation to ditch a lot more stuff. Getting into storage to get the rest of James school books out, our big game bin and other assorted stuff really opened up my eyes to a lot of stuff. We have too much junk and it's really time that something was done about it. We have too much stuff at our house now. We have no need for 90% of the items in storage since obviously we aren't using them now. I will, however, refuse to give up my fancy dishes and wine glasses that reside in storage right now. Sigh... I was hoping to have this done before now! But I can't do it by myself, not and chase kids around. Even if I had someone to watch the kids for me I still can't really do it by myself. Sigh...

The kids were starting to get sick on Sunday so we didn't go to Church. I almost didn't go to my Pagan Soul meeting, but in the end Carey made me go and I was glad I did. It helped me let go of some stuff and we have also started planning for the Winter Solstice. It will be on the 22 in the UU sanctuary at 7 p.m. with a potluck afterwards. I will be calling East and perhaps helping with the altar.

The kids still had frogs in their throats yesterday but I took them outside anyway for fresh air. The day was gorgeous and I didn't want to miss the sun. There won't be many more days of it and in fact, I have heard we have snow forecast this weekend. :( The good news is that Deedee has her boots. I dug them and her 3T clothes out of storage. I have noticed her 2T pants are getting short on her and some of her 2T shirts as well. Deedee was really cute (and colorful) yesterday. She wore a vintage cream sweater dress with orange stripes on the skirt, her multicolored striped fringed tights, and her brand new black ballet flats with embroidery & sequins on them. I bought those shoes months ago for her and just found them in storage. Unfortunately, they're still a bit big on her. She has been wearing a size 8.5 of Charles that I found but I didn't realize just how too big they were on her until I put these 7.5's on her and they're too big too! Bleh. Which, of course, also means that I just ordered a pair of shoes that will be too big for her since I was going off of my guesstimate. Deedee insisted on getting on her new bike and trying to ride it. She was starting to get the idea of pedaling, but the bike I was given is a real piece of crap. It's not balanced well so she kept falling over (which is not supposed to happen with training wheels!) so she finally got frustrated and got off. My friend Patti and I fiddled with the training wheels, which helped some but not a lot. I'm really tempted to get her a new bike, which the boys both got and in fact, James in on his second. It seems kind of unfair that she has to make do with a used one that's falling apart. I also happen to know that she's fallen in love with an orange one at the local bike shoppe so perhaps I'll talk to Carey about.

The kids frogs have been getting worse, and by last night Charles especially was sounding really bad. They all went to bed super early and none of them complained which really says something. By 9, every few minutes we were hearing him coughing and choking so I decided to go out and get some of the little vaporizers that plug in, like little room scenter's. But I couldn't find any. None of the stores I stopped at carried it at all. :( I finally decided to get a big vaporizer. I figure having two won't hurt (we have a second one in storage) and this way we'll be able to have one going in both of the kids rooms now if needed. I also bought some liquid inhalant to put in the vaporizer. Carey was asleep w hen I got home and he wasn't happy when I woke him up to help me but he would have had to get up anyway so we could make the bed (Kitty pooped on the bed yesterday). We finally got it all going, he went back to bed and I took a relaxing bath. However, I was getting Carey right back up after I got out of the tub. I had gone in to check on the kids and discovered that all three of them had peed their beds! Sigh... Deedee had been put to bed with a diaper and jamma's but I found her curled up on her bed with none of that in sight and shivering. Bleh

This morning the kids were waking me up 7 wanting hot tea to help with their coughs. As I'm making the tea, James came down and told me that he'd put more medicine in. Medicine? What medicine? And in what? Apparently, he had found the box for the vaporizer, found the bottle of inhalant I'd put in it to keep it altogether, figured out what it was for, and put it in the little receptacle on the vaporizer! Heh. He made a bit of a mess, but not much and certainly not very much bigger than the mess his father made last night. So no going outside for any of them today. I don't want them getting any worse.

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