A few cute things:

  • Charles got into trouble for biting Deedee. We have a zero tolerance and the punishment is soap in the mouth. The culprit has to stand with soap in their mouth one minute per year. If they take the soap out, an extra minute is added. If they bite more than twice in a day, the time is doubled. So Charles was standing in the bathroom, glaring at me as I set the timer and he accidentally knocked over Kitty when he fidgeted on the stool he was standing on. He leaned down to help her up and giver her a hug and she took the opportunity to snatch the soap from his mouth and put it in hers. Her face was priceless! :D

  • Kitty had Carey's big work books on and his cap on backwards. She was trying to walk but all she could accomplish was a little shuffle. She was adorable.

  • Deedee dressed up like a pirate.
  • Kitty was seated on her potty chair, overbalanced and found herself flipped out on the floor with it on top of her. She made a surprised "O" and her eyes got really big. She wasn't hurt.
  • Deedee decorated her walls with the witch paint tray from the Halloween makeup kit (orange, green and yellow). Ok, this isn't that funny (at least right now) but all around her room at eye height for her are pretty (annoying) finger paintings. The good thing is that it comes off pretty easily. It's getting really frustrating trying to channel her artistic energies into more appropriate areas such as the easel and paper. Carey mentioned putting butcher paper up in her room for her and that's a good idea although I'm concerned that she's going to get the idea that she can draw on the walls anywhere, not just on those with the paper.
  • The kids came and got me saying the baby (Kitty) was on the table. That little girl loves to climb and was climbing even before she was crawling. So I go in there to get her off (and entertain notions of bungi cording the chairs together so she can't use them to climb on) and find her not only sitting on the table, but sucking on the nozzle of my all purpose cleaning solution. This is not dangerous as all it's made of is vinegar, water, and lavendar oil all of which are edible. It was the taste (and the look on her face) that had me wondering just why she was doing it. :D

I ordered the boys snow boots today, from Lands End. This time I remembered to go Club Mom, so not only did I get lots of points from the purchase but I also found a coupon for free shipping at Retail Me Not. That was good. Charles chose loden green and James asked for red so they're both excited and can't wait for them to come in. For me, it won't be too soon since the snow will fly soon.

I made a trip to Ross'. I had gone to the mall to check out the book stores looking for Wizard Crafts by Heidi Boyd. I had gotten a fairy craft book by the same author for Deedee's last party and loved it so when I found out about this book, I just had to have it for Charles' bday coming up. Alas, none of the stores had it on stock and I didn't feel like paying full price when I knew I could get it several dollars less at Amazon. (I have since found it even cheaper on Ebay. While there are times I am willing to pay a little more to keep the money local, sometimes it's just not logical.) I did find some really cool jigsaw puzzle books, one each for the three older kids though which were perfect for Christmas. I got pirates for James, wizards for Charles (he might get these for his birthday), and fairies for Deedee. They're a bit advanced for her, but the artwork is beautiful and there are stories too. So I ended up in Ross with the hopes of finding some sheets for Kitty since we're starting the process of transferring her to her own bed. I lucked out there and found flannel sheets for her. We also got a new belt for James and jamma's for poor little Charles. He's hit a growth spurt, and while James did as well he stuff was big enough on him that it still fits well so Charles is out of luck in that area. I called home to ask him what he wanted and he chose a pair of flannel pj's with a gray camo print and bright orange t-rex's all over them. He loves them. I also made a stop at Micheal's to check on the prices of fondant since Charles' cake will be an ice cream cake covered in fondant and made to look like a spellbook.

Carey has been listening to a lot of opera lately (mainly Carmen & Madame Butterfly with Maria Castella) and the kids have been loving it so Carey wants to get some other opera for them to listen to. So perhaps I'll get some music. I also know that Barefoot Books has a book about opera so I'll look into that as well. We heard back about the parking ticket that we got last month. It's when we were having all the problems with CPS and I didn't dare leave the kids alone while I parked the care. They were all sick too and I didn't feel like waking them up, loading them up, parking the van and then chasing them back to the house. We appealed it, but the committee upheld it although, they did reduce it to $20 instead of $35. :( Also, speaking of transportation, I'm not very happy with Carey. He managed to lock himself out of the van and called university transportation to open it for him. They had him sign a waiver saying they weren't responsible for any damages, so of course they broke the lock. :( We can no longer unlock the driver side door from the outside. Sigh... Great, really great.


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