Wow, it has certainly been quite a while since I posted anything. Since at any given time, I can be found composing paragraphs in my head I was quite surprised that none of them actually made it to paper (or screen as the case may be). Lots has certainly happened in the last week and a half.

Carey's brother Joe arrived in town. He went with us to a little carnival for the kidlets put on by the University. The kids had a blast on the bouncy castle and obstacle course. James actually figured out how use the rope & toe holds and pulled himself over the six foot high wall on the obstacle bouncy. He was quite proud of himself over that and I kicked myself for leaving the camera at home. We had to hurry home from that but on the way stopped to watch the full marching band in all their glory as they passed right by us on the way to the Kibby Dome. They did a wonderful job, and the group right in the front (tuba's? don't remember) showed a lot of spirit, even going so far as to be wearing matching skirts (yes, even the men). I loved it and once again kicked myself for leaving the camera home. The kids loved it as well and talked of nothing else the rest of the walk home. As soon as we got home, we all loaded up in the van for an hour long journey North; we were on our way to help celebrate my nephew's 4 birthday. Carey also got to meet his brand new nephew Julius for the first time. Kitty has taken quite a shine to her new cousin. A pic was taken of her holding onto him quite determinedly (then again, this was also extended to my brother's pup so perhaps it's all small soft cuddly things). But, alas, this pic is on a disposable camera that has yet to be developed. I once again kicked myself for leaving my camera home. Bleh Joe quite enjoyed meeting my half of the family and I do believe it was the first time he's ever met any of them.

On Sunday, he went to Church with us and enjoyed introducing himself. Unfortunately, that is the last we saw of him. There were plans to get together later that afternoon and perhaps for dinner that didn't pan out. I'm not sure when he went home since I didn't find out he was gone until Carey had me call his Mom to invite Joe over for dinner. Carey was disappointed that he didn't say goodbye. Also, on Sunday, Kitty was presented with a beautiful alphabet quilt. Pics were taken, although not by me, and I'll have to see about getting copies of those to post. It's a lovely alphabet quilt with great illustrations.

On Monday, I wanted to ring James' neck. He was a very rude little boy that refused to do what he'd been asked at my knitting group, so he has been invited to not return. Which, of course, translates to me not going either. Who's going to watch the little bugger? So we'll have to work on his behavior for a few weeks and then try again. Charles also hasn't been that great to be around (is it the time of the year?). My friend Bernadette came to visit and help go through stuff in my storage. I got rid of several boxes, yay! Unfortunately, she finally left earlier than planned because of Charles. She has a small daughter slightly younger than Kitty, and she was concerned that Charles would inadvertently hit her. Bernadette had sat down him for time out, and he was refusing to cooperate. He was screaming at the top of his lungs and thrashing around like a mad man; I'm positive that our neighbors thought that we were killing him. I also managed to get a parking ticket that day. :( Carey is trying to appeal it, but I'm not holding my breath.

Wednesday through Friday was uneventful for the most part other than Carey having problems with his knee and the doc informing him that he's got bursitis of the knee. Fun :( Also, for several years since right around the time I first met him, he's had problems with his innards and now there are concerns that's it's IBS or something similar but tests need to be run first. James didn't see either of his therapists last week so we worked on a tongue twister, and read Jack and the Beanstalk several times (Saying Fee, Fi, Fo, Fum is an awesome easy way to get James to work on his F's without him realizing it and with no pressure on him to "perform".). Also, since Columbus Day was this week, we worked a little on that. He listened to several MP3 files I'd gotten my hands on about Columbus, we looked at a picture of him, made a map with his route traced on it, learned about the boats, and then made three little ones out of egg carton cups for James to play with on his map. We also read a couple of books, and worked on the 1492 poem. There are great opportunities for rhymes in it, even if it's not historically correct.

My friend Patti and I left the kids home with their respective fathers and went shopping. It was almost 8 so the store was relatively quiet and empty. It was nice not having to worry about children running in different directions, potty breaks and cauliflowers bouncing down the produce aisle.

On Saturday, I didn't really get my Me Time. I took James with me when I went shopping. I wanted to spend some time with him that I don't often get. I used one of my two 50% off coupons from Jo Ann's for their Columbus Day sale to pick up an easel for the kids for only $20. I was quit pleased over that purchase. I used my other one today to pick up a set of DPN's needed to do the sleeves for Deedee's coat. James and I also stopped in to see Papa Stu at James' request but James proceeded to hide behind me the whole time. And I made a quick stop in at the farmer's market. It won't be open much longer, maybe 2 0r 3 more weeks. There is an African man that I know whom sells ethnic baskets there made by his family in Africa. Nii (I'm not sure of the spelling, I need to ask him sometime) might not be able to sell his baskets next year due to changes in the market is being run so I thought it best to get one of the baskets that I've been pining for for some time. James picked out a beautiful one of natural straw with a dark blue design. I have used it a lot already. We also stopped in at Ross. Carey needed socks and I managed to find a nice, minky soft, green robe for James. I bought it one size bigger so perhaps it will last him a little longer. However, James got himself into trouble. He stole (it didn't make it out of the store) a piece of candy. This is the second time he's done this since he's gotten home from his travels and I'm getting concerned. Carey and I have been brainstorming ideas on ways to deal with it. Perhaps it's time to institute a small allowance. If he has his own money to spend as he will, maybe that will nip it in the bud and he won't feel the need to just take something. He'll have the knowledge that he earning his money and bought it himself.

Later, we hit the Dutch auction sale at True Value with the hope of getting everyone snow boots. Unfortunately, no boots went small enough for the kidlets and the only pair that I was interested in for myself wasn't in the right size. However, we hit it on it's 50% off day (this lasted for several days, and each day you could save progressively more on the sale price) and managed to take home some book shelves dirt cheap. I only wish we had been able to get more than we did.

The Everything Seed by Carole MartignaccoSunday's service I totally missed since I was recruited to help in the RE house. However, I did catch the story and thoroughly enjoyed it. The Everything Seed had a wonderful creation story with bold vividly colored illustrations. It's pretty much The Big Bang theory from a feminist point of view. There was a potluck afterwards for young adults and it was discussed making it permanent. Everyone was brainstorming ideas to get more young adults, specifically college age, more involved. The topic of Pagan Soul for this month was also brought up. I opened my big mouth and managed to volunteer for it. I was able to fill my beautiful new basket by just grabbing my traveling altar that was still packed from being used for the Equinox altar at Church a couple of weeks ago, rob our nature table, grab a quick ritual from my book, and snag the beautiful loaf of pumpkin bread made only the day before (as well as the leftover unfiltered apple juice left over from the potluck). It didn't go as smooth as I would have liked, but everyone enjoyed themselves, I hope. A rousing political debate ensued in the circle, and I thoroughly enjoyed listening to it.

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