On Monday, I ran away for a little while. I spent a few minutes at Success by 6 and I asked for tips to help with the kids behavior issues, specifically Charles'. I also managed to score a new booster seat for James! I didn't feel his old one was safe anymore since it was involved in an accident and it was outdated anyway. Yay. I then ran to Jo Ann's real quick to use my coupon and pick up some flannel to make Deedee a nice warm slip. She much prefers wearing dresses, so I may as well keep her as warm as possible. I was quite pleased when I got home and discovered two more 50% off coupons for later this month that I hope to use. I have gotten my hands on a couple of really nice patterns to make slips and bloomers for Deedee: McCall's 4413 and 4505. I showed the pale yellow flannel to Deedee along with the delicate cream colored lace and the tiny yellow butterfly applique I got for it. She was really excited and now I can't wait for the pattern to come in so I can make it for her. If it comes out well, I've got my fingers crossed that we'll have enough money so I can use those coupons on several yards of more flannel to maker her other slips and bloomers, as well as Miss Kitty. While the snow will prohibit us from using the bikes this winter, I still plan on walking a lot everywhere so the kids will need to stay warm.

On that note, James is very excited because his new winter coat came in today! It's really nice, and it even lights up. I about choked spending $75 on it but it was worth it. We bought a size 7/8 so it's big on him but the thought that it will last him at least two seasons makes the price a little more palatable. Looking at it that way, it reduces the price to $37.50 at the most, depending on how many seasons he's able to wear it and that's approximately what we could expect to pay locally for a coat. He insisted on putting it on as soon as the mail lady dropped it off. He carefully hung it up when he was done, and he insisted on showing his father as soon as he came home. We had a lot of fun figuring out how the lights and the rechargeable batteries work and he was just "wow" when he found out his coat lit up. LOL It's a very nice red with black accents, which seems to be his favorite colors. We also plan on getting boots from the same company. Any guesses as to what color combination he picked? Deedee also got a package in today. It was full of underclothes: undies, shirts and socks. Of course, it's all a bit big on her since I managed to get the wrong size but it still fits her so that's ok. She was ecstatic with her underwear and she managed to go through all of them in only a couple of hours. Any little excuse she had, she just had to change. She was also so darn proud of it all that when a neighbor stopped by for a few minutes, Deedee ran to get the box to show it all off. And she had to point out the little flowers and stuff all over her underwear. It was so cute.

Kitty is walking more and more every day. She's also doing great with the toilet and we're able to make it on time at least 90% now. She's getting into the routine of knowing that she goes to the toilet after her naps. She even went so far as to start crying when she didn't make it after her nap yesterday although any other time she doesn't make it, she doesn't really care. She just stares at you, like "so?". It's cute, if annoying.

Carey has dropped one of his classes and he paid the small fee for it yesterday. He's disappointed since he thought it would be a really interesting class when he signed up for it. Also, he didn't do very well on his midterm, and since this class has no papers or anything, that's his whole grade right now. He would have to do extremely well on his finals just to bring it up to a passing grade so he made the choice to drop it. :( The only upside to this is that he now has an extra 9 hours a week to devote to studies for his other classes and work.

The kids have been sick this week and I had to cancel all appointments. They've refused to take all medicine. However, they have consented to medicinal teas and Deedee is quite fond of the tea as long as it has plenty of honey in it. She drinks is several times a day (1/2 c at a time). It has slippery elm, licorice root, chamomile, and marshmallow root along with other good stuff that's been helping with the phlegm and the coughing spasms. She's the sickest of all of them but it isn't so bad that it has me worried about taking her to a doctor.

I've gotten behind on Deedee's coat. I've only gotten two rows done in the last two weeks, and those were both pulled out by the kids and I had to fix it earlier this evening. :( I did get it caught back up this evening just in time to take a quick break to watch some of the fire works for Homecoming. We weren't able to see all of it because of the trees but what did make it up high enough was enjoyable. We were far enough away that the cacophonous noise didn't bother us and it was felt deep inside rather than really heard. I know they aren't perfect crystal clear shots, but they still look really cool.

I have decided that we won't be buying a lot of Christmas presents for the kidlets this year and I plan on making a lot of it. I found the following video by accident, went to the website listed and am now the owner of a unicorn pattern. My mother is making the children fleece blankets with crocheted edging in matching colors and I thought it might be fun to make a unicorn for each child in matching colors.

The Creation of Unicorns

I have discovered that Carey can recite the first two stanza's of Edgar Allen Poe's The Raven. He just started spouting off at dinner the other night. It was interesting listening to it and I'm sure my chin was on the floor.

A slideshow of the kids after the UU family potluck, painting pumpkins.

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