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This past week has been very busy. We have been getting things packed up to go to storage. I've even gotten rid of some more stuff. Yay! After being inspired by No Impact Man, Carey and I have talking about more ways we can reduce our own impact. Besides, I got a look at the gas prices and just about had a heart attack! We can't afford to fill the tanks on either of our rigs; we've had to go everywhere on our bikes. It's a good thing I enjoy doing so. Unfortunately, one of the zippers on the rain cover of the trailer split so I had to take it to the shoppe to find out about warranty stuff to see about having it replaced. Hopefully that will come in soon. It's a good thing that's it gotten warm right now so I want to keep the cover rolled up.
Last week we all made some peanut butter so here are a few pics that I promised.

Carey and James shelling peanuts.

Charles helping to grind the peanuts.

Me tasting the finished product. It was pretty good although next time I think I'll add a bit of salt and some oil.

Last weekend my sister Mary and my brother Charlie went camping with their families and we joined them for dinner on Friday evening. It was pretty fun. The kids had a blast and didn't want to leave. We promised James that we would take him camping for his birthday.

My father with Kitty and my nephew Jordan.

Charles and Deedee fishing.

Deedee fishing with her Uncle Charlie.

James fishing with his cousin Dontay. All he caught was seaweed but he did help his grandfather clean some fish and fry them. Or rather, I fried them after my father tried to scorch them.

James roasting his first wieners with his cousin Dontay.

Saturday was nice. I left early for my me time. I was supposed to be making my way to the gardening group at the UU. However, I was distracted by the farmers market so I wandered around in there for a couple of hours. Saw some plants that I debated buying, but in the end decided to wait until the annual plant sale at the UU. Saw several friends that I enjoyed talking with and set up a prospective play date with our kids. I also commissioned a batik dress for Kitty. There is an awesome booth there, and I've looked at their stuff before. However, this time I saw an adorable little dark fuchsia onesie with a cat standing on it's hind paws and batting at a butterfly. Perfect for Kitty. Unfortunately, way too small so I enquired and they said they could make her a dress. Yay! I stopped to get some lunch, and ran into my friend Marisa so I talked with her for a while waiting for her parents to show up. They were a bit late, which in turn made me late. Sigh....... Carey hasn't been happy with me this week. I've been rebelling and staying out with friends longer than he though I would/should. Bleh. However, I was happy that I got to see her parents. They had taken pictures of us at the Ren Faire of Marisa and I in our dresses! So I'll be happy to get a copy of that.
Sunday for the most part was peaceful. Charles gave me a small card he made in preschool and Carey made me a pancake with my name spelled out in raisins. In honor for the occasion, I wore a dress that belonged to Carey's grandmother Doris. It's a sleeveless heavy black linen with a long skirt that has bright and chunky wool embroidery on it. Stu said she bought in Mexico. I'll have to post a pic soon. I got a lot of compliments on it at Church. Carey was a bit annoyed that I insisted on the family going to Church (proud Mama showing off her brood) and then didn't even sit in on the service myself. Instead, I spent an hour and a half outside at the annual plant sale. I brought home all sorts of goodies, including a giant jade plant, and a very nice aloe. I got a few tomatoes, some garlic, and African violet (I think) and some other odds and ends that looked pretty but I'm not sure what they are. Since it was Mothers Day, I also picked up a small jade plant for Carey's mother as a gift which she seemed to enjoy. Yes, Mumma, I got one for you too if I don't kill it before I see you next. LOL Our trailer looked funny on the way home with a bunch of plants sticking out the back. However, I was pleased to note that the plastic plant trays are the perfect size to fit in the cargo space so I've actually left it in there to help keep odds and ends together a bit better.
Today was beautiful. I dropped Charles and Deedee off with their grandmother and then I rode my bike out to James' therapy session clear across town after picking up something for lunch. I was a bit annoyed however when the chain jumped it's track so I had to walk the last half mile. :( I still made it right on time though. I left James in capable hands while Kitty and I waited outside under a shady tree. I spread a blanket for her to play on while I looked at some knitting patterns and ate my lunch. She watched very attentively as I fixed the chain on the bike. It was a bit annoying because I totally had to take the trailer all the way off so I could lay the bike on it's side. Although I have taken it off before, this is the first time I ever put it back on and it was easier than I thought it would be. On the ride home, I was disgusted with myself for getting lost. I rode around aimlessly for about 10 minutes before finding a street that I recognized. And all of that because I wanted to avoid a few hills. Bleh. My group was rather enjoyable although the kids were really bouncing off the walls today so it wasn't that great. We celebrated the birthday of some twins whose mother comes to the group so everyone got some carrot cake. I felt bad that I'd forgotten about it so I didn't have any gifts for the little ones.
When I finally got them home (after trying to get them rounded up for over an hour) Deedee was put down for a nap while her brothers were kicked outside to play. I also laid down for a nap with Kitty. Everything caught up to and I was about ready to collapse. After dinner, we plaid a really stupid game based on The Cow Jumped Over The Moon (the kids loved it). And I did my first attending session with James. He drew a picture with the block crayons. It felt a bit silly at first, and James didn't look too sure about what was going on but in the end it lasted 17 minutes. It went by faster than I expected.

Stay tuned for some more miscellaneous pictures.

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