Well, Happy Easter, everyone. Today was very hectic, but it was a lot of fun, too. The kids had a blast. We had originally planned on going to the early service this morning, but with Kitty keeping me until two last night, it didn't happen. Originially we had the thought that this way, the kids would be able to have a nap before we got to Carey's parents at about 12 vs. us not getting home until after 12. So we talked about going to the second service, but that didn't happen either. :( Ah, well. Maybe next year. I wish now I'd been able to make it to vespers Friday evening.

We wound up not getting to Carey's parents until almost 2, well after when we were supposed to be there.The kids were adorable though. Both of the boys decided it was too cold to wear the shorts in their outfit, so they only wore they're plaid vests. Both of them still looked very handsome though. Especially in their matching black cowboy boots. Both of them were very proud over that one. The girls wound up in matching dresses; not the original dresses that I bought a year ago. Deedee absolutely refused to wear hers, and Kitty urped on hers. Carey actually chose the dresses for the girls. I'm very proud of him. While it was a bit cool today, it was still beautiful and it was still a nice bike ride.

Soon after we arrived, we set it up to color eggs and all the kids had a blast with that one. Even some of the adults got in on it and did several. With a bit of trial and error, we made our own dye with food coloring and vinegar. The eggs all came out a pretty pastel. Deedee did too. She dyed her undershirt, tights, and chest a very pretty green. It was a good thing that I stripped her down that much. When all of the kids were done, they got to play Pin The Butterfly On The Flower while the men hauled the eggs a couple blocks away to hide them. When they alerted us that it was time, then started the circus. Deedee didn't want to wear her shoes (she has a white shoe phobia since one pair left scars under her anklebones), I forgot my sling and had to find something suitable to tie Kitty on with, my boys mixed up their cowboy boots, and on and on. But finally, we got there and the kids went mad running around for the eggs. I was very proud of them all. They found every single egg. I was also proud of the men. They did an awesome job hiding them. While there were a few out in plain site in concession for the younger ones, most of them had a bit of thought behind them. My favorite one was a pale, whitish egg (I think it was supposed to be purple but wasn't left in long enough) was on a hand rail against a concrete wall. It took three children to finally find it. James was very nice when he did find it and handed it to Julia, his cousin.

The kids ran off excess energy at a nearby playground with the dads while the most of the the mom's went back to help prepare dinner. They didn't stay gone near long enough; it was nice and quiet. LOL Kitty snacked on an egg while we made the deviled eggs and made a huge mess, of course. Dinner was awesome. I was quite pleased that my blue potatoes (no, I did not dye them) were all eaten, as well as most of my cabbage. I love cabbage, but even with a very small head it still made too much for me to eat before it went bad since my picky husband won't eat it. The blue potatoes are awesome. They have a wonderful, smooth flavor; not quite as starchy as our average russet. The carrot cake I ordered was very good as well, although it was very dense. I'm wondering why since cake by the slice that I have ordered from this bakery is very moist and light.

Everyone (namely the fathers and the children) went on a walk after dinner. They were supposed to go a lot further then they did, lazy daddy's. Carey's mom especially didn't get any of the piece and quiet that she had been wanting and had just sat down to enjoy when the horde came thundering in.

James and I had a peaceful ride hom on the bike while Carey drove the the others home. It was a beautiful night. Soon after I got home, Carey actually left again to go to a bar to meet some friends and family. James and I settled down to read a chapter of Ann McGaffery's Dragon Singer, which James really enjoyed. He didn't want me to stop, but by the time I reached the last chapter, I was slurring words and words were coming out in the wrong order or sounding funny so I had to call a stop to it. I have to admit that I never thought such a small child would actually be interested in books so far advanced but if he wants to listen to them, I'm not complaining.

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