Ugh.... Welcome to spring in Idaho. :( You never know what you're going to get. It might be gorgeous and warm and go to snowing over night. Monday was the oddest weather I've seen in a long time. We had hail, really nasty wind, sun, and a ton of rain. I rode the bikes downtown for James therapist appointment, and the wind was trying to whip the trailer all over the place. I suppose I really shouldn't have ridden the bike, but I didn't realize how bad it was.

James did great in both of his meetings and he really enjoyed both of them. With Kathy, he got to build a train track as he practiced his f's and then play with a train for a few moments. When he was dropped off with Betsy, I left to run some errands. I wanted some drawing paper and water color brushes for the kids, and I also wanted to get some cloth to make a new wrap for Kitty although I only accomplished the art supplies. The wind was still horrible and I didn't like that it was strong enough to keep whipping the car door out of my hands so I gave up and went back to wait for James. Carey said the wind was so strong that it was moving dumpsters. Bleck.

We visited with family some more all afternoon and had dinner. I even stayed after to visit some more since some of the family were leaving on Tuesday morning. That's the latest I've been out by myself in a long time. Well, sort of by myself, since I had Kitty. But I enjoyed it and although I had meant to walk home, Carey's mother insisted on driving me home.

Charles had a lot of fun in preschool on Tuesday. There was only one other little girl so he got a little more attention. He really thrives in one on one situations, and he needs a lot of attention. I was surprised to find Carey's brother Joe and his family still in town, but it was nice to be able to visit with them some more. James stayed with them to play with Julia and Drew while the girls went with me and Charles. I was even more surprised to find out that Carole and Lisa had hauled the three older kids to a science center while I was gone but they all had a blast. It's been some time since we were there and I really need to start going there more often.

Two notes of wonderful news:

  1. Kitty pooped in the toilet! Carey realized she was trying to go and plopped her on the seat and then sat with her until she was finished. She was on there at least 10 minutes, but she was happy the whole time.
  2. Deedee has learned how to open doors. I'm happy for her, yet at the same time exasperated because that's one less child that I can now keep corralled.

Sigh...., still trying to find time to sift through Easter pictures but I'll get some posted as soon as I can!

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