Yesterday was just absolutely gorgeous so I had to take advantage of it by walking downtown for James' appointments. Sigh....leave it to me to pick the worst pair of shoes imaginable to walk that far in. Especially at a fast pace. I developed a blister at the base of my big toe.

We actually got out of the house on time, and made it downtown in a reasonable 20 minutes. Not bad at all. I dropped Charles and Deedee of with their grandmother, and then debated what I was going to do with the stroller after James appointment with Betsy. That one requires that I drive. So do I take the stroller with me, and drop it off at home when I pick up the van? Do I leave it downtown, drop the van off at home when I'm done, and then walk back to the winery? I finally settled on leaving it downtown since Carey would be coming to pick Meradydd up from group so he could just take it then.

James did great in both of his sessions. He's getting really good with his F's. I do wish I'd had my camera with me at Kathy's. He got to dress up like a fireman and he was adorable. We were almost late to Kathy's. There are some old buildings (silos I think) that are being torn down right across from her office. They had the wrecking ball going and James loved watching it. Who wouldn't? Even the adults were glued to it, so what can one expect of a four year old? He had fun at Betsy's too. He got to play whack-a-mole, and worked on several of his letter sounds. While he did that, I sat in the van snacking on crackers, provolone, and prosciutto left over from Deedee's party, as well as the last piece of cake. I also worked on a sock for Deedee, and listened to the news.

Group went well also although I was disappointed my friend Marisa couldn't make it. Her little guy Avi was snot factory. I also never got around to actually knitting. :( I didn't even find the time to go through the knitting magazines I brought, hoping to find inspiration for my next project. Deedee got a whole bag full of cute clothes though. One of the other women brought it for her so I spent about an hour going through it. I took what I liked, and then I had to go through it again with the quota's in mind that Carey and I decided on. For instance, the girls are only aloud 10 dresses, plus two fancy/holiday dresses. So I had to sit and think about what I already had and then take only what I really liked so I wouldn't go over the limit. I was very proud of myself that I actually wound up keeping only about half of it. Even Kitty got some of it. There were a lot of really cute items, even a few handmade dresses that I snagged. It's always nice to have something that is totally one of a kind.

I had planned on walking downtown today as well but the weather betrayed me. We have been having intermittent rain and hail. Sigh.... So I had to drive. Even then, we were almost late. Or, at least I thought we were but we were actually right on time. Charles was the only one there today, so he got some one on one time. Something he really needs, poor little guy.

Here are a few more cute pics, some from Deedee's party, some not.

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