The last several days have been very busy. Carey actually wrangled a small vacation for himself the last couple of days during spring break, so he was pretty pleased with himself over that one. We did get some stuff done, although nowhere near to the extent that I would have liked. On Saturday I went on a nice bike trip by myself, as well as some shopping for last minute party stuff. I got my hands on some rose water sorbet (perfect for a flower fairy tea party) that actually tasted quite good. Saturday afternoon the whole family went on a bike ride. This is the first time I've ever been along the Chipman trail, and it was very nice. It was gorgeous out and really warm. The children were interested to view a parade of people marching for peace. We watched them for a few moments before moving on. I had to make a stop at the fabric store to pick up the makings for a fairy skirt. I made the mistake of going shopping with Charles by myself. Grrrr........ that little stinker just wouldn't stay with me and I spent more time chasing him down than shopping. Maybe a good thing. :D Carey and I met up again for the trip home. Carey was pleased with himself. He had found a 1 gig memory card for our digital camera on sale for over half off. The trip home was nice although, poor little James had a wreck. He took a corner a bit sharp and toppled over.

Deedee's party went very well on Sunday. There were a few hitches, but all in all I have to admit this is the most stress free party I've ever had. I need to remember that for the future. The children woke us before seven. Gah. I don't understand why they were up so early. Carey chased them back to bed before curling up with Kitty again, but I was too awake so I just stayed up. It gave me the extra time to fashion a pair of wings for Kitty and a quick fairy skirt for one of Deedee's guests. I had meant to do it the night before while getting other stuff together but Kitty wanted to go to sleep so I curled up with intending to get up again when she was asleep. That didn't happen. I awoke briefly when Carey got home but never even finished my thoughts about getting up before I was asleep again.

After the service, I stayed behind to get everything ready while Carey took the kids home for a nap. Everything came together perfectly. There were pink and yellow plastic tablecloths that someone had put flower stickers all over in the Church's stash of tablecloths. I had used Deedee's play silk as a back drop for the children's table and the table I used for the food had been painted purple. Again, perfect. The cake arrived in one piece (thankfully) and even the reparation to the fairy's crown was generally unnoticeable. Me, the one that's always screwed up, actually had everything arranged and ready on time. In the end, none of Deedee's invited party guests arrived, which was disappointing. However, my little ones still had a blast. All of my family was there, as well as part of Carey's family. Even our Reverend Kayle made it for a short time. And Anne, one of the nursery girls that Deedee has attached herself to. She was dressed as a fairy and did a wonderful job helping out. Carey and I are still discussing ways to thank her.

Everyone enjoyed the repast that had been prepared; sundry sandwiches, crackers, cookies, etc. Generally items one would expect to find at a tea party. Yes, even cucumber sandwiches made an appearance. The children ran around quite a while before we settled them down to eat. I waited a little bit to see if the last guest would show up. After eating, the kids took a break playing with the bubbles from their goody bags and then Meradydd opened her presents.

Deedee had fun and she got some great little things. The big hit was a soft teddy bear but close seconds were a book and a soft frog that croaks.
For the games, I had prepared Save the Fairy Treasure from the Troll, Musical Toadstools, and Pin the Butterfly on the Flower. There was also a craft and a book to read depending on time. I never did get to the Musical Toadstools, which was a disappointment. I was quite proud of them. However, the hit was Save the Fairy Treasure. Carey played the troll, and ran around with a small chest full of beads and rings while the children attacked him with balloons. The kids really enjoyed getting to beat their father up with balloons for the treasure.

Then it was time for cake! It was pretty good although it wasn't quite what I meant when I explained it to the bakery chef. I wanted a mix of berries such as strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, etc. We got blueberries. And the cake itself was rather dense, such as a pound cake or perhaps a coffee cake. It was still awesome though and I'll definitely be going there again for more cakes. The party broke up soon after this but it was still a fun filled two and a half hours. I was thankful for the help getting everything cleaned up and it didn't take long at all.

The little pixie queen herself. The crown reads "Birthday Girl". It was actually bought when she was just a wee babe. My mother saw it and had to have it. At one time it also had matching earrings. Maybe if we're really nice to Charles, he'll tell us where he stashed them.

Her upside down crown looks like some sort of exotic veil.

Deedee playing the piano. All of my little ones love playing this instrument and I hope to give them lessons some day if that's what they wish.

Deedee in front of her beautiful new play silk.

Deedee opening the beautiful card my friend Marisa made for her. (See, I told you the bear was a big hit.)

Deedee attacking the Troll that had stolen the fairy treasure.

The children divvying up the treasure after defeating the troll.

Deedee getting help blowing out her candles.

Our other darling little princess on Poppop Ernie's lap.

The kids were exhausted and went to bed right after a light dinner. Finally, Carey and I had some time to relax. After we put everything away, we sat down to enjoy our newest DVD, Shaun of the Dead. Sigh......not one of my favorites, but it is kind of cute. In tribute to that, here is Deedee's zombie shot.

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