I definitely hit a crossroads in my life, and I feel that I have taken the correct path. My house is getting clean, my children are starting to behave better, and I'm not feeling as depressed or exhausted, and I'm actually getting back into shape. Wow, that was a mouthfull.

In the last week, I myself have ridden at least six miles round trip on the bike. That also includes today. I joined a friend at Baskin Robins for a smoothie. I felt I deserved. Especially after a super healthy breakfast of quinoa cereal with flax, and one half of a honey grapefruit. Those are awesome. They have a wonderful smooth flavor with a hint of tang; they don't need sugar at all. Even the kids loved it and were clamoring for more.

I can't believe Deedee is going to be two tomorrow. The time has just flown by. I have ordered her cake from the local Co Op for the 18. It's going to have berries and stuff in it with green frosting. I got a little fairy kit to go on it. So I'm really looking forward to that. I'm also looking forward to her party. I really need to buckle down this week though. I need to finish deciding what food I'm going to serve, as well as get the game stuff together. I also need to finish her birthday banner. It won't get displayed this year, except at her party. But it will get displayed for a full week leading up to her big day next year. It will be the same for all of the kids.

A friend of mine just gave me this wonderful tea pot. She saw it a yardsale and immeadiately thought of me and Deedee's fairy party. Isn't it perfect for a fairy party? And what I find totally awesome is that I absolutely love strawberries and my kitchen has a strawberry theme. So this little baby will have no problems fitting in and being used once Deedee's big day is over.

Grrrr.........I'm not very happy with AT&T right now. I've had an AEEFES phone card for about three years now and we've been using that in place of our long distance. I had neglected to fill it for some time but had to fill it so I could call Kitty's doctor. I then found out that there are new in state calling fees. For every minute I talk in Idaho, five minutes are docked. So, basically, I'm paying 0.50 a minute. That's outrageous! My grandmother has horrible in state long distance and she only pays 0.26 a minute. I'm disappointed that we're going to have to find a new company to buy a card from and this will also severely cut back on call time. Except maybe to out of state family.

On a lighter note, I have discovered gDiapers. These are awesome diapers. They're completely flushable. And they're so easy to use. I have heard accounts of people having problems flushing the inserts, but I've split it up into several flushes just to be on the safe side and so far I haven't had any problems at all. Kitty has had no blow outs as of yet, and we use these for night diapers so she's in them for a long time. We are still on our first cover and it doesn't smell of pee yet. I just rinse the plastic snap in liner and hang it to dry for the next night. We also only use one insert right now, although it's recommended that two are used for night. It hasn't even been completely used when I change her in the morning. The end is always still dry where I fold it over to fit it into the liner better as well as give her some extra layers in her wet zone. These are a little more expensive than her seventh generation dipes that I love so much, but they're definitely worth it. I have to admit though, that online (even with shipping) it's cheaper than my local resource so I'll probably be ordering them offline. It's more convenient too.

Today I didn't know whether to congratulate the kids on their ingenuity, or yell at them. A bunch of the neighborhood kids (including my oldest little snot) found a hose that's been laying around all winter. They tied one end to the swing set and the other end to a tree. It was over a slight hill and they were rappelling down it. I watched them for a few moments but it was highly unlikely they would get hurt since they were never more than a few inches off the ground. I also made sure the tree was ok and that it would break before I finally left them to it. It was nice seeing James interact with other kids. He was also happy when he came in for dinner. I'm glad it's getting warm enough that I can finally start kicking him outside for most of the day.

I wanted to cry yesterday morning. Two things happened because of my too inquisitive children: four ounces of expensive wintergreen essential oil was spilled on their bedroom floor and several inches were ripped out of James' bag. :( The oil was expensive but that's the only reason I'm really upset. I do have to admit that house smells very nice right now. As for the knitting, I'm just going to have to sit down and hope I'll be able to catch up and actually complete it by the deadline. If not, ah well. I'm not giving it to James until his birthday anyway, so I have a few months yet. It would be nice to actually complete a knit along though.

James got ahold of the camera yesterday and he took this picture. I'm not sure what of, although it looks kind of neat. The other pictures of Charles were too risque to publish.

And here are a few pics of the boys helping me make play dough the other day. James is measuring flour and Charles is just being Charles. He's wearing one of Kitty's hats, so it's a bit small on him. He sure does look cute though.

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