Deedee's Two!

Meradydd Anne Rhoisin Scott
24 hours old

Wow, I can't believe a whole nother year has passed. The time has just flown by and so much has happened in the last year.
  1. She got lots of teeth
  2. She learned how to walk
  3. She learned how to run
  4. She learned how to talk (specificially the word NO in three different languages, however her vocabulary includes over 200 words)
  5. She got a baby sister
  6. She discovered hair pretties (and grew the hair to use them)
  7. She developed a shoe fetish (a girl after Mommy's own heart)
  8. She learned how to climb trees (and that she likes the apples that grow in them)
  9. She can name all of her facial features
  10. She has almost completely potty trained herself and goes on her own most of the time
  11. She can dress herself
  12. She's gotten her ears pierced
  13. She had her first experience with a death in the family
  14. She can put her own shoes on
  15. She got a new cousin (and another one on the way)
  16. She moved into a big girl bed
  17. She went to her first movie in a theater
  18. She can put her own coat and hat on
  19. She started going to Church (and completely charmed everyone)
  20. She goes on bike rides on the back of Carey's bike or in the trailer on my bike (she loves her bike helmet)

If you want to find out more that she may have done in the past year, check out her web page here.

Deedee on her first birthday.

Deedee arrived on March 11, at 2.30 in the afternoon. She was 19.25 inches long and 6 lb 7 oz with a temper to match her copper hair. It's hard to comprehend the fact that we have had her for 731 days. So much has happened in that time. We almost lost her before she even arrived and only saved her with an emergancy c-section. And she has been loud since the day she was born. I can recall listening to her screech when she was only an hour old while I was in post op. (Yes, I know it was her. She was the only baby in the nursery.) She also quickly learned how to wrap her daddy around her little finger and while her grip has now loosened some, she's still Daddy's little girl. She's also my little diva. While she has no problems climbing trees, jumping in mud puddles, etc. she also loves to dress in frilly lacey stuff as well as her shoes. She's perfectly happy if she has a pair of shoes, a hat, and a backpack (other sundry items optional). I had to chase her back inside the other day because she was all ready to go shopping with her father but completely ignoring the fact that she had not a stitch on except her favorite blue mary janes. :D

Deedee on the merry go round on her big day.

What did I do on my big day? I started it off by eating Mommy's grapefruit while hiding under the table. Mommy wasn't too happy with me but it was really good. After I took a bath, I put on my new outfit and found my shoes all by myself. I was ready to go really fast but I got upset because we couldn't ride to Church on our bikes as planned since it was raining. However, I was soon mollified by the girls in the nursery with a scone. Yum. Food is always a good way to win me over. I got to go upstairs to the sanctuary to hear the first part of the service because I was chosen to light the chalice today. Daddy took me up and helped me light it. And then the whole congregation sang Happy Birthday to me. That was really cool, and Mommy says my big grin took up my whole face. After Church, we went to the Co Op for me to pick out a special treat that I got to eat on the way home. Mommy wasn't very happy about Daddy letting me keep it. She thought I would make a mess but I was a good girl and didn't. I got to play outside for over twenty minutes with everyone while Mommy got lunch. That was a lot of fun and I spent most of my time on the merry go round (and evading Daddy with the camera). After lunch, it was nap time. Grrrrr..... but then we got to go see Grandma Sue and Grandpa Stu. Yay. And we rode our bikes there. That was a lot of fun. It's always nice to snuggle down in the trailer with the fluffy pink blanket and Kitty. I really enjoyed visiting with Grandpa and Grandma. After we left, we went shopping at Rosaurs to get some milk. James had a bad accident on the way there and skinned up his knee but he was ok. Daddy let him pick out some ice cream. I had fun riding home too because Mommy gave me a some jelly beans. Dinner was just leftovers. Bleck.... but aftwards Mommy brought out my birthday cake! :D It was a yellow cake with pink strawberry frosting and sprinkles. Aren't the flowers pretty?

I also got my present from Aunty Lisa. It's a critter concert. It's a lot of fun although Mommy wasn't happy that it needs batteries. Then we all ate cake. It was yummy but I got it in my hair so I had to take another bath before bed. Mommy and Daddy let me pick out the bed time storey so we all listened to Good Night Moon for three times before I snuggled down in my nice warm nest and went to sleep. Today was a long but fun filled day and I was really tired.

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Meradydd Scott said...

It is I, Meradydd Scott, but 11 years later. I just now read this, and I am thinking, wtf. Thanks, mom, I totally wrote the thing about my second birthday. Oh well. And, funnily enough, I don't like grapefruit.