OMG, my wonderful daughters scared the hell out of me. Mainly Deedee. Carey has a glue accelerant (with strawberry scent no less) that Deedee got ahold of. It was on a top shelf, but it must have been set too close to the edge and fell off when the kids bumped into it. That's the only way we can think that they go ahold of it. I found Deedee with the bottle and the pump nozzle unwound from the top. It's a two ounce bottle, and Carey has had this for quite a while so he figured that he may have used half an ounce, which left another half unaccounted for. Sigh...... Deedee's face, hands and mouth smelled like it as well as Kitty's. So we got to spend the next hour on the phone with poison control and the local emergancy room. The good news is that the professionals believed that the tiny amount the girls may have ingested was not enough to actually hurt them. The only worring thing was if it got into their lungs. We were told to keep an eye on them through the night to make sure there weren't any affects such as burns in the mouth, or vomiting. If they did vomit, we were to take them to the emergancy room immeadiately because of the chance of aspirating it into the lungs. So that leads to a very long night. We have to check on the girls every hour to make sure they're still ok. I guess it's a good thing that Kitty still sleeps with us. Sigh........ I'm going to be absolutely exhausted tomorrow but I'm glad that my little ones are ok so far. The blasted accelerant has moved upstairs, into the locked craft cupboard in the office, behind another locked door, where it should have been in the first place.

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