Kitty leveled off from a growth spurt and is now busy working on a growth of the mind. She is able to roll over very well now. She has also started bringing her knees under and poking the butt in the air so crawling won't be far off. She's doing great sitting up. If she's already at 1/2 or 3/4 quarters she can sit up really well. If she's laying down, she can sit up if she's holding onto our fingers. I did see her sit up by herself from a full prone position although she was only able to hold it for about 5 seconds before she fell over backwards again. It's a good thing she was sitting on a nice squishy feather tick to cushion that little noggin of hers.

She has recently learned how to drink out of a straw. I held my orange julius up to her to settle her down while I talked to her father. I was just trying to amuse her with something she could poke at for a moment. I never expected her to stick the straw in her face and start sucking but I should have realized that she would. She found the drink to be quite tasty and was put out with me for taking it away. She has also discovered how to use a sippy. We went out to eat at Arby's and Carey made the mistake of sitting the two girls next to each other. Poor little Meradydd. Kathrynn kept trying to steal her fries, and finally her little tray. She also decided she was thirsty and latched onto Deedee's little sippy. LOL A spirited little fight ensued with Kathrynn eventually (surprisingly) being the winner and polishing off Meradydd's milk. So, it's time to get a few sippy's for Kitty as well as celebrate this new milestone. This of course means that I can now pump milk for her and leave her with Daddy more often. He won't have the excuse that he can't feed her anymore. Heh, heh.

Deedee is talking more and more every day. Her sentence of the day was "come here, papa" to Papa Stu. She was asking him to look at some toys. She is also very vocal when it comes time to brush her teeth or use her potty.

Today wasn't that great. The kids made a royal mess of the house again. And I'm still battling Charles over his habit of peeing on their bedroom floor. I had to throw more books away today. And Deedee was disappointed that her doll needed a bath and would not be going with her to group today. Grrrr........ I got to group late because of my wonderful children and although I had planned on walking by the time I got them out of the house, I was already so late that I didn't want to take another half hour to walk there. So everyone piled into the van. I was so upset I'm lucky that I remember my knitting and Kitty's extra diapers. She's back in cloth. Yay. I actually got several things done today, namely several rows on James bag. I'm still plugging away on Deedee's little tea set but I just don't see it happening. Maybe I'll knit her play food instead. There are a plethora of patterns out there. When it was time to leave, I couldn't find one of Kitty's toys. I knew I had brought it; it's always in the diaper bag and I had seen Charles with it. It's a lovely old brass jingle bell, about the size of a pool ball. Carey has had it since he was quite young and the kids love to play with it. Kitty can hook a finger through the ring on top and have a high old time ringing it. So I was going crazy looking for it and beginning to think that I must have imagined seeing Charles with it when I finally found it at the bottom of a toy box. Meanwhile, I managed to pinch a nerve in my left shoulder that now really hurts. Carey massaged my back with our favorite Badger balm and while it helped a bit, only time will take care of it now.

So, of course, I arrived home in a funk. I was hurting, depressed over the whole day, etc. I was excited when I discovered some books I had ordered came in. No Dragons for Tea I bought for one of Deedee's birthday gifts. It had a tea theme (for a flower fairy tea party) but it wasn't full of fairies which was quite nice. While I think it's neat when gifts associated with the party theme are received, sometimes it can go overboard. For instance, last year James received four different plastic fishing sets. LOL I really liked that this was a cute book as well as imparted a little bit about fire safety, a much needed topic of discussion now that our children are getting old enough.

Sweet Pea's Garden: Special Things to Make and Do & How to Host a Flower Fairy Tea Party which are companion books to the fairy tea party theme that Deedee chose. They're both full of little tips, hints, recipes, etc. I especially liked Sweet Pea's garden for the instructions to make wings, jewelry, etc. They're small books but worth having just for the art. Can you tell I love fairies? I also bought Fairy Crafts. This is also full of costume ideas, etc. but for more of an upscale party for older girls. I love all of these books and loved adding them to my collection.

Tonight is going to be a long night. I can't get comfy with my sore shoulder. And Kitty is very restless. She has a slight temperature and we can see a couple of buds, so she's probably teething. At almost 8 months, she's certainly old enough.

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