Deedee's Fairy Skirt

I made this cute little skirt for Deedee to wear to her birthday party next month. I originally saw an adorable skirt in a Paton's pattern booklet, unfortunately I didn't have the money to buy it at the time and when I went back it was out of stock. On the cover was a little girl wearing a fun fur skirt with a little matching collar. I was dissapointed I didn't have the pattern so I sat down and tried to figure it out on my own. It seemed simple enough to do.

Fairy Skirt
level: beginner

size: 2 years (4, 6)

size USA 10 circular needles, 16" long
100 grams / 82 yards of fun fur. I used one ball of Hairy color HR27 by Dark Horse Yarns
narrow elastic
needle and thread
stitch marker (optional)

gauge: This isn't as important. It's impossible to measure when you can't see the stitches although I figured about 2 rows to an inch. According to Dark Horse, the gauge is 2 sts per inch on a size 15 needle.

Cast on 75 (77, 79) sts. Marke your first stitch with the marker, or just use the tail to mark the end/beginning of each round. Join and knit in the round for 10 inches (11.5, 13), or until you like the length. This is super easy and that's all there is to it. If you don't have circular needles, just knit flat and then seam it up the back to form a skirt. Turn the skirt inside out, weave in the ends and sew in the elastic. I used a back stitch to make it secure but perhaps a herrinbone stitch would work as well. This knits up really fast and it's so easy that it's perfect for a beginner's first project.

Tip: Do Not drop any stitches. It's almost impossible to pick them back up. And it's ok if you lose count of your rows. Just measure every so often to check the lenght of your skirt. It is ok to go up one size in needles to 10 1/2 but pay attention because it knits even faster that way. And if you do make a mistake (twist a stitch, yarn over, etc) it will probably be ok because the very nature of this yarn will help hide them.

I'll upload another picture when I have one of Deedee wearing it. I can't wait for it. I love the mix of these colors. That's why I chose this yarn although it was expensive and I'm sure I could have found somthing cheaper. I love the interplay of the blues, greens, oranges and golds. It will looks so pretty on her with her hair. And it will look awesome with her bright green fairy wings that Deedee picked out.

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