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Last night Sydney came again. We were put in contact with her to help with James' behavioral problems. We had a nice long talk, well over two hours. We started out talking about James and it somehow morphed into a discussion about Carey and I; how Carey just won't help with a lot of stuff and just can't seem to wrap his brain around putting his family first. He's also very good at not giving his all and not completing things. For instance, if he has to do dishes, he invariably leaves at least one dirty dish in the sink or if he's folded laundry, he never puts it away and the kids usually get ahold of it and it winds right back up in the laundry. So that not only wastes the time he spent folding the laundry, it wastes resources. He loves his children, I will never dispute that, but he always seems to hold himself back slightly. I don't know, maybe that's a defense mechanism for him. But it's really frustrating me.

I think Sydney got several things through his head that I have been struggling trying to pond in. I don't know why the rat won't listen to me. It drives me up the wall. Maybe I'm too close to him. I do know that Sydney definitely knows what she's talking about so I'm glad of whatever help she's able to give me. She has four year old triplets and if she is still sane, that's really saying something. I'm tired of all the young women just out of school, with a ton of book knowledge that in theory works but doesn't always in real life and with absolutely no experience at all trying to tell me how to raise my kids. Carey had a thoughtful look on his face and he seemed quiet after she had left. It's not going to change overnight, but I've got my fingers crossed that he has finally reached the decision to change some aspects of himself. Maybe now we can start balancing the wonderful childlike man I fell for with the responsibilities that a father and husband must take on.

Today was nice. We lazed around a little this morning before going out to buy this weeks food. We were out for just over an hour and while we didn't finish all of our errands since Charles was a little butt, I was satisfied with what we got done. I even found time to stop in at my lys to look for some natural white yarn to dye for James bag but I was unable to find what I was looking for. :( This evening we went to our first Circle Supper. It's a program that the Church does. Once a month, families that are interested get together in a sort of potluck while enjoying good food and company. I think it's supposed to help you get to know other families in the congregation that you might not otherwise get to talk to, let alone meet. Especially since there are two services. We chose the family supper (vs adult only) and there were 11 children there so it was pretty noisy. Everyone like my salad. I had been hoping to not bring any home but there was a little left so we can have it for dinner tomorrow.

Deedee stayed dry all day today and everyone was just amazed that this tiny little girl, not even two, was almost completely potty trained. They were also surprised that she was actually telling us when she needed to go. She is my hardheaded little girl and when she sets her mind on something, nothing stops her. Tonight, when James went to bed we accidentally woke her up. She actually went into the bathroom, took off her diaper (still unused), used the toilet, got off, wiped herself, flushed the toilet and started to go back to bed. She got really put out with me when I put the diaper back on her. Something tells me once we get that second potty chair in, I might not need to put a diaper on her at all during the night. That would be excellent if we only had to buy diapers for Kitty. As it is, I just ordered a bunch of prefolds so I can get back into cloth diapering her. So that's even less diapers I have to but since we only use disposables on her at night. That will be a huge expense off of our shoulders. Yay. I mean, we have spent well over 1K and probably closer to 2 over the last four years on just diapers. It has really added up.

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