Today wasn't actually too bad, even if it did get off to a bad start. Thank goodness that I was driving James to see Kathy today or we would never have made it on time. We didn't get out of the house until almost 10.30 and the appointment is at 10.45. But we got there just fine. He went in happily enough. It was funny watching him walk down the hall. His pants were too big for him so he was walking straddle legged trying to keep them up. :D And his white cowboy hat that he was wearing completed the picture of a bowlegged old cowboy. He did great working on the k sound, such as candy or cat. He was very cooperative and had a blast playing with play dough.

After Kathy, it was time for his class with Betsy. I was concerned that having these two back to back like this would be too much for him but apparently, at this time anyway, it's ok. He greeted Betsy and was busy choosing a game to play as he said a quick, distracted goodbye to me and the instructions to pick him up.

I was free! I had forty minutes to run a few quick errands and when I realized that I had a few extra minutes before I had to be back across town to pick him up, I stopped in at the Needle Nook. What bliss. I was able to wander around for twenty minutes, child free and just look at all the pretty yarn I would like to buy. Which, of course, is a big no no right now. :D At least for sock yarn. I bought two one pound cones of white Blue Face Leicester superwash in a fingering weight online. A friend of mine said that would be way too boring. And she would be right if I didn't plan on dyeing it as I need it. So everything coming off of these two cones will be one of a kind. 4000 yards will go a very looooooonnnnnnngggg way. I still walked out of the Needle Nook with some new goodies though; a pretty pair of needles in a size I don't have (at least I don't think I do :D), an interesting new stitch holder, and size 0 dpn's. I also couldn't resist a little grab bag of wool yarn that came with a pattern for cute felted bunnies. There was an odd purple colored wool that Deedee went absolutely ape over so I guess she'll be getting the resulting bunny instead of Kitty.

James was still happy when I arrived to pick him back up. He excitedly told me he played a Sponge Bob game, a second game that was too garbled and I couldn't understand him, and he also showed me the paperwork that he had done. We spent a few moments playing a little ducky game before we had to leave. He said he had fun, and that he wanted to come back next week but that next time he would like me to stay. This time he had told me to go away.

Knitting group was interesting. I got to show off my new goodies, and of course two of the women had to take off to take a look at the grab bag sale as well. LOL. Marisa came back with $30 of stuff to make her son Avi a sweater and had totally forgotten to look at the grab bags that she had gone to look at. Charles was a little butt as always and my finger got hurt again. Grrrrr........ it still really hurts and although I was supposed to take the splint off over a week ago, it's still on. I can knit, type, etc ok without it. But whenever I have to put weight on it, or accidentally hit it against something, I just want to scream it hurts so bad. Carey is thinking that I should probably have it xrayed to make sure it wasn't worse than the doctor thought. We'll have too see what bills we have this month.

I called him to ask if he could walk over and help me home with the kids since my hand hurt so bad only to find out that his leg hurt him because a yappy little furball bit him. (I will refrain from repeating what he called it.) But he was still nice and walked over to help me. But instead of going home to eat dinner like I had hoped, we went to quick care to have his leg checked out. The dogs owner said his shots were up to date, but you never know. I stayed in the lobby went he was called back, which was a huge mistake. :( The kids went nutso on me. It was as if a switch was flipped as soon as their father was out of the room and they went crazy. They acted as if on a big sugar buzz but they hadn't had any. They ran around screaming, jumping on the furniture, etc. I was ready to die, and I was also so mad that I could spit. It's really hard trailing after three children running in several different directions with one hand in a splint and the other hand holding onto a baby. Argh...... The only cute moment was when it was almost time to leave. This facility is very small and the two bathrooms echo. Charles had to use the toilet and I left him by himself while I ran after the other two. (James was busy trying to use a sample cup from one of the bathrooms to drink water. LOL. Thank goodness it was a new one. ) Charles was singing to himself while he went and we could all hear him in the lobby like he was right beside us.

By the time we got out of there, we were all tired and hungry as well as sore. Carey said we were a matched pair with his bum leg and my screwed up hand. We stopped at the local taco place to have a quick bite to eat because neither of us felt like going home to cook and then clean up the invariable mess our children always leave.

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