Happy New Year!

Blessed New Year, Everyone! Wow, I can't believe it's 2007 already. I was still getting used to 2006. Time flies all too quickly now, but I suppose that happens where there are four little ones running in four different directions that one is trying to keep track of.

We helped drum in the new year last night at Church. It started at 8 but we didn't get there until 9 since the kids were watching The Polar Express. I dressed the kids in their jammas with the notion that we would be able to dump tired little bodies straight into their beds. LOL, James and Charles were both mistaken for little girls. I'm not surprised with Charles since he was wearing his pink Pooh footies and his hair is getting long. But I'm not sure why James was mistaken for a girl. Ah, well. It didn't hurt them none.

We said farewell to the old year with drums, rattles, and other sacred tools of noise making. We brought along Kitty's jingle bell rattles and the kids went crazy with them. It took them a while to get comfortable enough, but after a while they abandoned the bells and started choosing things from the stash of stuff in the center. They tried hand drums, gourd rattles, a rainstick, rhythm sticks, etc. They all had a blast but all three finally settled on little eggz that none of them wished to give them up to go home. I guess I'll have to be adding them to our stash of musical instruments. We do have one but the kids all fight over it so I had to put it up.

The kids really tired themselves out running around shaking various rattles, drums and bells. I was hoping to stay until 12 but we wound up leaving at 11 when they reached total meltdown. Bleh.... other kids curled up in various corners and piles and went to sleep. But not mine. Oh, well. Maybe next year.

So we all went home and put the kids to bed. And then Carey and I played our new Game of Life, only paying enough attention to the clock to have a quick kiss when it turned over.

Oh, and I also managed to stab myself pretty good in the leg with one of my knitting needles. I was in a hurry getting into the van and caught my knitting bag between my leg and the dash. It caught just right that my only pair of metal needles, US size 11, jabbed through the bag and my jeans into my leg. I assumed it only bruised but when I was getting ready for a relaxing bath before bed, Carey noticed that it had actually punctured! Ouch. It's pretty sore today, a little puffy and slightly bruised but I'll live.

Pics of the drumming are forthcoming as soon as I find the cords to my digital camera

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