Coolest Aquisition of the Year

Besides our daughter, the coolest thing we got this year was a 1960 edition of the Game of Life; complete in the original box. We picked it up at Good Will for only $3. The box has some age spots and that old familiar, stored for a long time, musty smell. And the spinner no longer has the little tab to slow it down; it invariably stops on 1, 2 or 3. This frustrated Carey no end because the games were pretty predictable when you're always moving within the same few squares so he dug out one of our many 10 sided dice. Carey says he loves the vintage look of the insurance policies. This edition also still has the awesome REVENGE square that the newer games no longer have. As well, it also still has four colors of pegs; red for man, yellow for woman, pink for girl and blue for boy. This confused Carey for a moment until he actually read the instructions since the newer versions only have pink and blue.

pics forthcoming soon

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