Has It Really Been That Long?

Has it really been that long since I posted anything on here? It's hard to imagine that a year plus has gone by so quickly. So much has happened in that time and more is happening now. I must admit that deeply miss writing on here. Facebook has served as a surrogate for some time and that may be why I haven't taken the time to write here as had been my wont for so long. I think a time has come in my life that I must make the time to do this properly. I need an outlet for all that has gone right (as well as wrong) and Facebook just can't provide that anymore. Something else I miss about doing this is that I no longer have that timeline that I can go to and say "Oh, Charles did this on that day." or "Kitty said that silly phrase on this day" or even "Thirty feet of pipe had to be ripped out of my floor and replaced in early February (true story)."

I have grown so much over the last year with many struggles and triumphs. My shy self was finally a celebrant for a Church service (I even managed to read The Lorax without choking up). I am now the official library chair for my Church. I have knitted many projects (and started even more). I even managed to learn how to knit two socks at the same time. I fractured my ankle but it has now become strong after all of the walking that I do. I have managed to offend my landlady so now we're moving. I am struggling on balancing the minimalist identity that I want with the packrat that I am. Did I mention we're moving? What a wonderful chance to perhaps attain that goal. Or at least take several large steps toward it. My husband lost his job last summer with absolutely no warning so we struggled for several months. I am proud to say we were only late on our rent once. He found an awesome job and we thought our prayers were answered but it wasn't to be. And then he found another good job with a good boss. It's hard physical work but he's losing weight and the boss is happy enough with him that he's now got keys to the premises, he will start commission work this summer and they are talking of sending him for training. I have a 9 year old son that has the mentality of a 7 year old (on his good days). There. I've said it. It's still so hard to accept and even deal with. This year has been very hard for him and he's struggling to find his place. The struggles that he's going through has made it hard on the other children as well. I now have another son in therapy, a daughter seeing an occupational therapist and another daughter that has decided she doesn't need to eat. Even my husband is seeking therapy. My husband and I have applied for a home loan through rural development. I've got everything crossed that I can possibly manage that we get it. I have dealt with a major infestation of fleas (and lice >.<) but have won the day and lived to tell about it. I finally got of my lazy bum to see if my dehydrator worked and it works awesome. I have it going at least once a week now, mostly making apple chips but I have tried other things as well and have much on my "MUST MAKE " list. I have discovered a paleo lifestyle and have moved towards attaining it at least partially. I will be teaching a knitting class to a group of children starting in mid-April (and lasting 5 weeks) and I'm busy planning that. Oh, and did I mention we're moving? So I'm busy packing for that, trying to decide what to get rid off, and looking at rentals (all the while crossing my fingers and keeping the candles lit that we get that loan so I can look at the properties I'd really like to be looking at instead).

I was pleased to learn this morning that my tax refund has arrived so we can now pay off our crazy landlady for the last few months on our lease and not even worry about that anymore. I mean, come on, what person in their right mind asks a tenant to keep their bikes off property in a storage shed (at the tenants expense) so the property looks nicer for other prospective tenants? (Said bikes were neatly in racks. They're also a major mode of transport for us.) Or tells her tenant to sell the children's outside toys because their not playing with them during the winter? Or that the container garden is taking up too much room in the yard even though 98% of the yard is open to the thriving thistle population? Or that we have too much stuff when the the drying dishes from one meal for six people cover an entire tiny counter? (Yes, she was on inspection and actually complained about that.) Ok, I can feel myself getting off on a rant and I certainly didn't have that in mind when I began this. While in many ways I'm sad to leave this unit I know it's time to move on. It's just a struggle to accept that. It's small but it was big enough for our needs. The push to move is really strong though since so much has gone wrong. Just since the beginning of the year pipes had to be replaced (so we had to stay in a hotel for three days), the thermostat in the front room quit working which is not good since it was in the single digits outside this morning, and now my stove is throwing a tantrum. Oh, and we're in a battle with our landlady for damages incurred to our property while the workmen were here for the pipes; she says they aren't liable. As far as I'm concerned, if the workers moved my chest freezer and left it unplugged so that $200 worth of meat was lost then it is her responsibility. If the powers that be aren't saying "it's time to move on luv" than I don't know what the point of all of this is. Besides making me want to jump up and down screaming while tearing my hair out. 

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