Lately I have been using my Blogger dashboard to keep track of other blogger blogs (what a mouthful) especially since James' teacher has started keeping a blog for the class. I have also been toying with the idea of taking pen to paper, so to speak, and begin writing again. I have missed it so; it was a wonderful release for me. This blog originally began at the very end of 2006 as way to keep far-flung family appraised of what my horde was up to in their daily life. It was especially for my grandmother and she read it the most. However, a lot of the wind went from my sail when she passed almost three years ago. Has it been so long already? The heart was gone from it and though I occasionally dropped in to do a post, it wasn't often.

Later, as I felt more up to writing again, I discovered something had gone wrong with my formatting and all of my posts began at the bottom of my page after all of the pictures & links in my sidebar had ended; not fun. That discouraged me mightily since for the life of my I couldn't figure out what was wrong! But I have finally taken the plunge. So today heralded a new beginning! This blog has had a complete overhaul with a new background, new colors, new formatting and everything. I was sad to see the old go but I am pleased with the new format. I will have lots of links and pictures to add back in. That will have to wait for my free time tomorrow however.

The new card system for the housekeeping chores that I have adapted from the SHE system is starting to work well , another new beginning for us. The children have given only the normal protestations expected from the small fry when it comes to dumping the garbage or scooping the litter box. I am slowly catching up on the boxes and clutter left from the move and I hope to have it completely finished by my birthday (only a month & a half!). It would be nice to have family for Thanksgiving and not have to worry about hiding the clutter in my bedroom. :D It would also be nice to have friends over and not worry about what they're thinking, even if they're too nice to voice their opinions. Carey has finally started helping, too! Now that he's being handed several cards every morning, he can't say he didn't know what needed to be done. LOL I can't either come to think of it; not when I have the cards staring me in the face. That little box of cards has actually started to become a lifeline for me since I have to look at it every morning and I don't have an excuse to forget appointments anymore. I swear, I would forget my head if it weren't bolted on!

That little box of cards is also what's enabling me to have my free time although, I must admit that I would prefer to be working on my Halloween wall hanging right now. It's the usual scene of haunted house, witches, ghosts, pumpkins etc. I'm using the trampunto technique and doing it by hand so it's taking me a while. I had barely begun this five years ago when it got put away and I just found it again as I was going through boxes. I don't think I'll be able to finish it by this Halloween but I hope to be able to hang it proudly by next year. We shall see. I will perhaps have it machine quilted when I am finished. I'm not sure about that one yet. Either way, if it comes out well I'm toying with the idea of displaying it at the fair next year and perhaps even the Church's quilt show that we do every year in conjunction with one of the services in late fall/early winter.


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Brian Leekley said...

Ami, I read in your undated "Beginnings" post that you are getting interested in writing again. Perhaps you would like the local writing group Palouse Wordsmiths. Caitlin Cole is their emails contact person. Some of the members are bloggers.