Sunday was very peaceful. We went to Church and listened to some beautiful music, including one sung by our choir mistress. I wish I knew what it was called and I'll have to ask her. James did very well in his RE class. He happily waved goodbye to me when I left and he was excited to show me the small manger that he'd made with corks, old fashioned clothes pins, but of straw and foam. It's really cute and I'll try to get a pic posted soon.

Afterwards, we stopped at Hodgins Drugstore on the way home so Charles could spend the birthday money that's been burning a hole in his pocket for a month! While I thought he picked out a bunch of useless junk (I had been hoping to teach him qaulity above qauntity but Carey in the end is the one that led him around the store as he chose his items). Among many things, he brought home a lifelike rubber snake, a plastice eyeball (would have been perfect for his wizard bench at his birthday party), a lightup bouncy ball and some candy. As we were leaving, Kitty latched onto a furry stuffed monkey as large as she is and refused to let go of it! She set up a huge ruckus when Carey tried to take it from her and wrapped her skinny little arms even tighter around it! So he hauled it up front and used a portion of the generous amount of Christmas money that her paternal great grandparents sent her. She happily went home with it and immediately snuggled right down with it for a nap.

She woke up just in time for a visit from Aunty Sarah and Uncle Jeffrey. They came bearing gifts for the little ones. Deedee was excited with a little pirate ad lib book. Each page has a paragraph and then one or two slots to add stuff in. Each paragraph comes with several little paper items to choose from and slide into the slot. James got a cool game called Zingo (any guesses as to what game it's similar to?) that makes you say the name of the item to get the tile for your card, so it will help him with his speech, and Charles got an awesome prehistoric animal pop up book. They also all got little ornaments. James was excited to give the little jade earrings he'd picked out for her to his aunt. She was happy to put them in since they matched her sweater and she'd neglected to wear any today. They weren't able to stay long though since they had a long drive ahead of them for home and Jeffrey had to work the next day.

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