Kitty used the little potty in the living room all by herself today! She even attempted to wiper herself. One of the kids had wandered off with the box of tissues from the desk, and left them lying by the potty. She saw them, stared at them for a few seconds and then swiftly grabbed one and swiped it across the front of her crotch. She was so proud of herself and at the same time acted a bit embarrassed. It was so cute.

I was very busy today. The fridge was cleaned out and I even hauled the crisper upstairs to scrub it out in the tub. The little shelf over the sink was cleaned off and scrubbed and my aloe re-potted. The counters were cleaned off, and a shelf was pulled out of storage and placed by the stove to hold the spices I use the most. It was getting old pulling the box of spices out of the cupboard and digging through them trying to find what I needed. My goal for tomorrow is to get the dining room totally done. There are a few boxes left that need to find other homes, book shelves straightened, floor cleaned, etc. I have decided to start getting up at 6.30 to give me some quiet time in the morning before the kidlets charge down the stairs. The last couple of mornings I didn't make it, but perhaps tomorrow I will. I keep hitting the snooze button. :D This also has me going to bed at 10 again.

Carey enjoyed his class last night. They watched The Color Purple and he said he'd forgotten how depressing it is. In fact, next Monday is his finals for this class. This semester has just flown by. He's pleased with himself because of his good grades. I'm probably not going to see much of him this week. Especially if he gets the lap top like he wants. He can take off to one of the cafes or something and hide out for homework and not have to worry about finding a spot at the computer labs, like he does now.

I have set up a new time out spot in the kitchen. I set an old ladder back chair I got my hands on beside the pantry and that's where they sit now. They can't see the TV (if it happens to be on) and they can't see anyone else except perhaps me if I'm working in the kitchen. The only exception is if we're eating at the table and then they sit on the stairs. So far it worked pretty well. Deedee only had to sit on it once and I didn't have to put her back on it very often. I had a bit more trouble with Charles but we finally straightened it out.

Kitty was being really cute and playing with Carey. We have a large pillow that lives in the livingroom and it's as big as she is. She was hiding behind it on the couch playing hide and seek with Carey. He was mock growling at her and trying to tickle her through the pillow and she'd growl right back when she lowered the pillow.
Deedee has "discovered" Barbie. She just made the connection between the Barbie in her fairy movie, and the Barbie on her nightgown. She'll probably notice the dolls soon and I don't know what we'll do once she asks for one. Carey and I already decided to Barbie or Bratz dolls in the house but how we'll explain that and our reasoning to a two year old, I have no idea. It's the same with her clothing. While it's not impossible, it's getting more and more difficult to find appropriate clothing for her. Everywhere I turn it's licensed characters, company logos, double entendres, inappropriate sexuality, etc. Sigh...

Kitty was adorable tonight. I have a small digital camera that was given to me last year. Unfortunately, it quit working soon after I got it and the kids claimed it for their own. Kitty found it on the floor (Deedee's usually hauling it around), and held it to her face like she was taking pictures. Of course it got no higher than her cute little button nose and she kept it centered on her face but she was trying. She even said smile a couple of times! :D

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