Kitty told Carey to "Bite Me" tonight. She doesn't talk much, besides "no" and "oh oh" so it was a bit of a shock. She has also learned the "Talking Butt" from her siblings. This is something that Charles started and we have no idea where he got it although it does put one in mind of Ace Ventura. They grab their butt with both hands, and make silly noises with a certain tone and inflection. I find it very annoying. Usually it's done when the child is annoyed with you (how easily they know which buttons to push) but occassionally it's just because. I about died seeing me sweet innocent little Kitty slowly meander away from me and the bath she'd just left and then just casually reach back, grab her buttocks and start squeaking with the same tone and inflection that Charles does. Sigh... I also got a really sweet baby kiss from her tonight, just before I received a baby headbutt on the nose. :(

We've been working so hard lately that we felt we had the time to sit down and watch a couple of movies today: Marie Antoinette and Scrooged.

I'd never seen Bill Murray's Scrooged that I can recall but I enjoyed it. Carey was shocked when he learned that I had never seen it or A Christmas Story and he says that means to remedy that very shortly.

Although I wasn't sure about Marie Antoinette, especially when I heard that there was modern rock music in it, I watched it anyway, even if just to see the costumes. I was pleasantly surprised that in most cases, the choice of music was well done and was actually pulled off. It was sad to see that although her life was decadent and full of every luxury, she was very lonely. In reading reviews, several people complained that there was no real story and the most that every happened was food being eaten, pans across scenery, etc. that added unnecessary time but that it was illustrated just how frivolous and decadent her lifestyle really was.

Carey bought the children a human body model for Christmas and today we attempted to put it together. Bleh... I'm really having to remember a lot of anatomy. It's skeletal structure, and all major organs. They organs themself were well constructed and they look lifelike in many instances. However, I'm a little dissapointed in some of the workmanship. The different plastic organs fit together with little pegs and slots and for the most part fit well. However, some of the holes were ill formed and in some cases flimsy enough that the barest knock upon them disconnects the pieces. Also, the instructions really suck. While the booklet has wonderful info in it about the body and I really enjoyed reading it, when it came to assembling the damn thing, it was a mess. It tells you in what order to assemble the different items, however it didn't really tell you how. For instance, it said place the stomach in the cavity. That's it. It doesn't say which other item to connect it to (some stuff connect to other things funny that they might not actually normaly attach too for stabilizing) or even how it sits in their properly. There were diagrams, but they were super tiny pictures. It showed sort of how the different items fit in (for the most part) but not how they all connected together. I was also dissapointed with the plastic shell. It's in the shape of a person and clear so one can clearly see the bones and stuff. However, it doesn't stay together very well. Also, we got two left skelly hands! LOL

As I have gone through the laundry we seperated it all into piles for ease of washing. I did one load today of nothing but underwear and socks. I was totally amazed at how much undies the kidlets really have! Deedee herself has over 30 pair although that is largely due to both her and Kitty getting a couple of packs for Christmas. I lost count on the boys so I think it's high time to weed through it and pull out anthing size 3 or smaller. I can't go too crazy ditching though since most of James' new underwear is still way too big on poor Charles' skinny little nothing butt and they just hang on him.

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