Argh!!! I'm officially tired of the horrible drivers here! I've almost gotten into three accidents in the last two days, through no fault of my own! The first one I was backing out of a parking spot and a truck went around me instead of waiting behind me. I almost hit him! The second one I was turning right at a light. I was halfway through a turn but had to stop to let some pedestrians pass. Apparently either the light changed, or the fool behind me was in too much of a hurry and decided to go around because just as I started to go again someone went breezing past me and I would have hit them if I hadn't stopped because my foot slipped. >:( The third one happened when a fool ran a stop sign and flew by in front of me. I had right of way and almost hit his side. Sigh... This is enough to make me not want to drive anymore. We're limited to how much we can drive the van anyway. One of the windshield wiper arms is bent so it doesn't keept the screen very clear and it severly limits visibility on the drivers right.

James was really funny today. I asked him to pick up his room real quick but he said he was too busy. When I enquired what he was doing, he informed me that he was feeding his kitty, a little bean bag thing. When I turned around to find out more I discovered him nursing the darn thing. LOL :D

I did my last minute shopping today for tomorrows feast as well as any items I needed for tomorrow nights ritual. I'm making Danish Ham Viking Style (I'll post the recipe later) with pureed vegge and an apple & pear compote. My mother is also bringing scalloped potatoes, I'm making mashed potatoes in defferance to my husbands picky ways and a few other odds n' ends. I can't wait. For dessert we'll have a pumpkin pie and an apple. I'm also making another butter cake with spiced apricot sauce for after the Solstice ritual. The pureed veggies will contain jicama and carrots (to sub for the Jerusalem artichoke I couldn't get my hands on), sweet potatoes, and a celery knob. It took me forever to find the celery knob. Only one store in town is carrying it right now. I didn't even know what to look for and I called my MIL to ask her as well as what I might sub for the Jerusalem artichoke.

I wasn't happy today when I found out that my father won' be here tomorrow. :( He's on his way to visit family in Wisconsin. Apparently a member isn't doing too well and Dad wanted to see him. I'm not upset because of that. I'm annoyed because he couldn't bother to call me and let me know. >:(

I got two packages mailed for family today and I hope the arrive in time. It was just small stuff and I used shoe boxes to send it all, one box for each family. I used colored tissue papers to pack around the items until you couldn't even shake it and have it rattle. I also included a Christmas letter about what we've been up to this year. I used a template at HP since it had a pretty holiday look and it also let me add pictures. We chose the Arctic Animals set and went with the Resting Reindeer. I did want the Peaceful Polar Bear since it held five pictures vs. the three pictures on the Reindeer letter. But there wasn't as much room to write the letter, and it was harder to drop the extra stuff on the second page and have it still look nice. I'm happy the first letters have gone and the rest will be going out on Monday. I'm behind this year but at least they're getting out. :D

When I was out and about getting various items, I came across monogram tree ornaments so I got one for each of us, six in all. They're a pretty italic font and each one has swavorski crystals. The look really pretty on the tree.

I have no idea how he did it, but Charles managed to spill a full pitcher all over the floor and to break said pitcher as well. So now I have three towels stained red and a super sticky floor. :(

I put tape over the edge of our living room window today. A major draft came through where the two panes met. If I can sit at the desk and fell a draft strong enough to move my hair move arcross me as I type, that's way too much. Small drafts are necessary, not full force gales. So hopefully the tape will help with that as well as our heating bill.

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