Wow, I hadn't realized just how long it's been since I posted. I meant to several times. I even composed posts in my head to write later after the kidlets were in bed and somehow that just never happened. Of course, it doesn't help that we had no Internet our first week in the new home. Things have just been super crazy. I still have boxes everywhere of course and I'm just starting to really feel like this is now a home.

Our room especially has a sumptuous feel to it. I took the doors off of the closet since they didn't leave enough clearance for the dresser to open or even to open a large trunk that our extra blankets live in. So I wouldn't have to look at the ugly shelves I hung up curtains instead. I found some beautiful green brocade curtains at Ross with an attached valance and tassels that looks awesome with our comforter set. But since I've been a good girl and have actually been making my bed everyday, the bed is always piled high with pillows and looks so inviting at the end of a days work. I am finally displaying the beautiful Wendy Froud sculpture the Night Faery that Carey bought me several years ago. Her name is Vivian and you can see her here along with some of Wendy's other sculptures. Someday, I hope also to acquire the Healing Faery. Displayed beside her is the beautiful lead crystal vase displaying the gorgeous silver roses Carey surprised me with several years ago, as well as my altar. This is my private altar and I have come to realize that I have an affinity for the Earth. I was quite surprised to note that 90% of the items resting on it were all some sort of polished stones or crystals. Interesting. Even my athame, when I choose to use it, has an obsidian blade. My newest acquisition is also resting upon my altar; a fairy stone (otherwise known as a holy stone, hags eye, witch stones, etc.). I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw it in a large box of craft stuff that I just received off of freecycle. And the power in it when I picked it up was phenomenal. I have wanted one for so long but I never expected to find one this way. I was also excited that I was finally able to put out the beautiful lithograph nightlight that Carey surprised me with last year. He bought it because it had a faery on it. He could have no idea that the illustration was Fairy Moon by one of my favorite artists, David Delamare. So yes, considering everything seems to be coming together so easily and quickly in our new home, this is where we belong.

The kids, too, are finally settling in although James seems to be upset about something. His nasty tantrums are back. His new favorite thing, besides throwing himself around is to sit on the stairs and tell me that he hates me and that I'm stupid. Sigh...... I know it will pass but it still hurts. I need to find time to spend with just him but I'm at a loss on how to do so. The other three have been taking so much time lately. I also need to just slow down and watch my own temper. It's always so easy to say things that one shouldn't when you're angry. I have noticed a trend of Carey taking the upper hand in discipline. I don't know how he's doing it, but it's working. 90% of the time the kidlets are listening to him. Somehow he's figured out how to get that commanding tone is his voice. The cool thing also is that he's hardly spanking at all, which of course is what we wanted. However, it's just not working for me and I don't understand what I'm doing wrong. I need to pull back from it and get a new perspective.

Today was really rough. Carey put a brand new roll of toilet paper (one of the supersize Charmin rolls) just last night and it's already gone. How? James decided that it would be interesting to stuff the whole roll (not all at once, just big wads) down the toilet. So of course, that flooded everything. I even had water out into the hall. GRRRR......... Our plunger is still missing, so I called Carey to come and deal with it. It's nice that he could just submit a work order for it and not get into trouble. Not only did he unclog the toilet, but he also proceeded to discipline James. James did get spanked but no super hard. Carey talked to him, explained to him what he did wrong and why he was in trouble. But I think what really brought it home to James was when Carey told him that not only would he not be going to see the matinee today (he was to stay in his room all day coming out only for the bathroom or to eat) but that the rest of us weren't going to get to go either. Carey actually got him to apologize to all of us and there wasn't a huge tantrum when he was ensconced in his room. Of course, today was the mystery matinee that I had been looking forward too. I was disappointed when I discovered that it was Shrek 3. Sigh.... ah, well.

My self inflicted ankle wound is healing quite nicely although it still hurts really bad. Who knew that scraping off several layers of skin would do that to you? I was in a hurry over a week ago, was shaving my legs and managed a cut about an inch long and around a quarter of an inch wide. Of course, I just thought that I managed to nick myself and other than a grunt of annoyance at the pain and the blood I didn't really pay that much attention to it. It wasn't until I reached the park and my rendezvous with my friend Marisa that she got a look at my leg and got this horrified expression on her face before asking me what the hell I'd been up to. I, of course, had no idea what she was talking about. I took a quick peek and discovered this raw oozing wound. It was deep enough that each vessel was clearly marked in little red dots and it was the uppermost layer of fat. Ick huh? What was really gross was when I discovered the skin still in the razor this week all dried and shriveled.

Kathrynn is really coming along. While she still isn't walking and she's barely even pulling herself up standing, she's just taken off with crawling. Also, since we've moved in, she has managed to not only learn how to climb to the top of the stairs but to come back down. Yay. She has also starting talking! We've caught a few general words out of her such as mamma, dadda, her attempts at her siblings names, and other odds and ends. Last night was great fun though. She said bye bye and was flapping her hand at everyone so of course her siblings got into it too. So perhaps she's just working on her mental faculties before her gross motor skills.

After everyone was done saying bye bye, we all sang The Ants Go Marching. Odd time to be singing? Well, yes, perhaps. But, everyone was together, everyone was in a cheery mood, and it needed to be sung. It was on the list of things James needed to do this week for his lessons. I had planned it for Monday but it never happened and it just seemed like the perfect opportunity last night that I couldn't resist. James is loving his lessons. While they aren't quite as free and unstructured as Waldorf is meant to be, it's still not that far off. James continually asks to draw in his lesson books and he loves to show his work to his father. I have also discovered James wonderful capacity for his memory. Not only has he memorized Rain Rain Go Away (only the first few lines) but also the first verse of The Ants Go Marching which I find quite appropriate since we're working on the number one this week. We're also working on the letter A which is why stuff to do with ants is quite appropriate. Not only is James learning numbers and letters, but he's doing it with a subject that is quite interesting to him. At least, at this time. He loves ants and has even tried to bring them inside as pets. LOL And of course gotten himself bitten in the process. I'm so glad that I thought to incorporate ants this week. At first it was going to be apples but that just wasn't working. While I don't schedule much to do everyday with James (usually maybe an hours work, depending on how long he chooses to spend on something) I still had several slots open. But a newsletter I received mentioned making an ant farm and it just clicked. After that, it was quite easy to find the type of activities needed to fill the slots such as making an ant sock puppet out of an old wool army sock, making an ant farm, observing ants in the wild, singing The Ants Go Marching, reading about ants in the National Geographic, watching The Magic School Bus ~ Ants In The Pants and etc. All but the movie I already had on hand so he's had lots of fun this week.

I wanted to post pics from James & Kitty's party but not only is something up with our camera (the computer refuses to recognize it) but the photo site I usually use is down. :( Perhaps I'll be able to get to that soon. However, I have lots of boxes to put away and a huge mound (yes, already) of laundry to wash and put away. If anything, that's inspiring me to get rid of even more. If I can't keep up even with the little (it seems) that the kids have then we still have way too much. The sad thing is that a lot of stuff is still in storage and I'm not looking forward to going through it.

Bleh. It's time for bed but I'm really enjoying the thunder and lightning playing outside and listening to the rain pour down. Of course, this puts all to hell the laundry I left outside or the stroller that I left open. Ah, well, the stroller needed to be washed anyway. LOL But I got soaked trying to put a tarp over it to keep it from getting even worse. I'm supposed to use that tomorrow to take the boys to Rendezvous for Kids so either they're going to get very wet or perhaps I'll drive for once. I'll see how it is in the morning, I guess. Also, I'm having a song from our newest movie running through my head and it's driving me crazy. I know, I know. Watch the movie and it will go away, right? Ergh. I am NOT going to watch that movie again. While I love it, I have seen it so many times already that I don't even want to think of it. However, I must admit that Voyage of the Unicorn is a wonderful movie and I'm quite pleased with this bargain bin find at Ross. It's a bit hokey at times. The acting isn't always the greatest, especially at first and the costumes are sometimes a bit silly. And the dialogue wasn't always the greatest. But they did an freaking awesome job with makeup and the dragon is beautiful. The music was also wonderful (perhaps that's why it's running through my head?). My only bones to pick are one, their portrayal of a character that is supposed to be a dwarf and makes me think more of an elf and two, the way it ended. It was like a crucial piece was left out. However, I did discover that it was based on a novel called The Voyage of the Basset so perhaps I shall read it. The movie was actually a mini-series that premiered several years ago. It develops is fast but easy to understand. Basically, you have a mythology professor (Beau Bridges) and his 2 daughters that get whisked away into a fantasy land where they discover they must save the fairyland from the dreaded and terribly evil trolls. You meet unicorns, elves, trolls, ogres, the Minotaur, Medusa, Oberon, Titania, the Sphinx, dwarfs, etc.They have a great adventure and meet loads of interesting characters on the way to saving the fairyland. The film is a great story for all ages. If you liked 10th Kingdom, you'll like this story too

This isn't the greatest, but it was all that I could find. I'm disappointed that it condensed and skipped over most of Miranda's dance scene which is one of my favorite parts of the movie. Still, this gives you a good idea of some of the costumes and the general feel of the movie.

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