Well, today was rather interesting. My firned Marisa and I put on a yardsale. Of course, I made only $3 which I promptly spent buying stuff from her. :D She bought stuff from me too, though. I got there at about 9 this morning after stopping to get breakfast for myself at the co op. I enjoyed having the morning to spend with her, and even Kitty & Avi behaved for the most part although Avi kept trying to go on walkabout. Marisa and I have decided that we're going ot puton another yardsale next weekend although, this time it will be at my house. So goes another week of cleaning and trying to go through stuff to get rid of even more.

This afternoon, we were supposed to go to a birthday party for a little girl but we got there an hour late. And no one was there. So they must have given up on us and left. :( We were late getting out of here because Marisa and I were trying to make a little doll for her. It was going great, we were going to have plenty of time to get it down then get home to get my horde (we were carpooling) and still make it on time. Especially since Carey was getting the kids ready for me. But Avi went on another walkabout and when Marisa went off to find him, she also happened to take the little doll with her and dropped it. We spent the next 20 minutes looking for it before we decided that it would just be best to buy something instead. So I went off home to get the kids loaded only to discover that Carey didn't have them ready like he said he would. :( Grrr..... So I had to get them dressed, and get their stuff together while Carey put gas in the van.

Both of the boys insisted on wearing their new shirts. I must admit that James' came out a lot better than I thought it would. Everyone has been complementing him on it. In Carey's words "freaking awesome". So off we went, got lost once and then found our way to an awesome park that I just fell in love with. That's why we stayed there for over an hour even after we discovered that the party was no longer there. And although we couldn't afford for the kids to go in the pool, there was this pole that was spraying water in the play area that the kids had an absolute blast with. They were also excited to see the ice cream truck come through only a few minutes after arrival. Marisa was kind enough to surprise the kids with popsicles. It was an enjoyable time and I think I'll take the kids again some time.

Unfortunately, I developed one of my sick headaches so instead of going to a yardsale for homeschool supplies like I had planned, I thought it best to come straight home where I slept for the next several hours. I only woke up long enough to eat and then later when Carey left for his game. He brought Kitty up and she was wanting to cuddle and nurse. She spent the next hour playing before falling asleep. I also finished reading The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul. Marisa had loaned it to me some time ago, upon which time I promptly mislaid it. I was wanting something to read earlier this week and I fortuitously found it sitting on a shelf. It was.... interesting. I have to admit that I liked the book much better than the ending.

I'm really looking forward to Church tomorrow. A gospel choir has come all the way from Spokane and I can't wait to hear it. I don't know why I've always been attracted to gospel but something about it does speak to me.

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