Wow, I have absolutely no idea where this week has gone. It just flew by and hardly anything that I meant to accomplish got done. Bleh.

The weather was absolutely gorgeous for a couple of days so I couldn't resist kicking the boys outside. The only problem with that is an oriental boy, Cole, that's been playing with James is not really someone I want him playing with. However, he's the only boy James' age willing to play with him, and it's really hard to discourage the kid. He's not bad per se. He's just not disciplined very well and it's obvious he's an only child. I think he's kind of lonely and he just doesn't know how to act acround other children. Every day, either James or Charles are coming in saying Cole hurt them. I'll be glad when we move. There are several boys James age in the prospective area, at least one that James already knows. I'm glad that James has a friend. He's needed one for so long. But he encourages James to ignore his siblings, etc. and that's just not acceptable. I don't expect James to spend every waking minute with them but he still needs to watch out for them. Family is everything.

Seeing the sun was very nice, and I couldn't resist soaking up some extra warmth so I took the kids for a walk. We went to the upper play area, wich is where the two prospective new units will be. I'm not super happy with the lay outs, but I'll survive. I just really hate moving from the unit we're in presently but when it comes to the family's health, it's a no brainer. The people finally came through to take a look at the mold, and test for moisture. The mold is obvious, in huge patches. They tested for three levels of moisture; green, yellow, and red. We came back yellow. This bumped us to the top of the list with priority for a new unit. Yay. Unfortunately, not for the four bedroom though. :( Ah, well. I guess we're just not meant for that size unit. A three bedroom really isn't that bad anyway, now that we're figuring it out. And because we've gotten rid of a ton of stuff, although there is still more to go bye bye. Especially with the move coming up. There is going to be a big purge for that. Carey wants to move mid June, so that gives me a month and a half to start getting things sorted and packed.

Today we went to a little earth fest as the park. It wasn't very big, only a few booths. I really expected more of a turn out. Then again, it was pretty cold and maybe enough people just didn't hear about it in time. The kids attacked the play equipment while Carey and I took a look at waht booths were there. There was live music, which was nice. There were sculptures done by sixth graders with recyclables. Some of them were very interesting. And there were notebooks made out of used computer paper (the front was blank), and the cover was light weight cardboard such as from cereal boxes. There was one that I was attracted to made with a cover of "Cinnamon Toast Crunch" but I didn't have the money. There were a couple of free activities that the kids enjoyed doing. Deedee and James planted squash seeds in homemade pots made out of newspaper. And all three of them painted the earth. They were given flattened paper coffee filters, school watercolors, and brushes. I admit, if you stuck to just blue and green, it did look like a view of our Home. However, they did not do so and we got some very colorful earths that I have displayed in our living room window.

I didn't get my Me Time today, which had me a little bummed. But, I did enjoy spending time with the kids and I'll have to plan something definite for next weekend, even if it gives me only an hour or two. I'm supposed to get four hours, but the choices are limited when one doesn't have very much money. Bike riding is left up to the weather, the library is nice but not for every weekend, I wish to volunteer at the Humane Society but have been told that volunteers aren't as welcome on Saturday (why turn away volunteers?) and it goes on and on. I've only been doing this a couple of months though, so it's a work in progress.

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