Today was super busy and I'm exhausted. Yesterday, things fell through for the kids, so I was scrambling trying to find someone to watch them for me. My friend Marisa came through for Deedee and my father agreed to come and pick up Charles. He asked us what time to be here, and we told him early. Carey and I both assumed that he would show up around 9 or 10. He actually showed up at 6.30. Wow. So I sat and talked to him for a while, and made some quinoa for breakfast. I was only recently introduced to this good source of protein, so I haven't used it very much. However, it does make a very good cereal mixed with a bit of brown rice syrup for sweetener (I've also used raw sugar), raisins and/or cranberries, a bit of pumpkin pie spice (according to Charles) and whatever else you care to add. I actually added some flax this morning.

Dad was taking off with Charles, and Carey was getting ready to load Deedee up to take her to Marisa's when everyone started arriving. One person immediately grabbed the tubs full of laundry and hauled it all off. I was totally floored when it all came back basically sorted, as well as folded. How awesome is that? Most of the emphasis was based on the downstairs so the living room and kitchen are now super clean. They're not perfect. The counters are still a bit cluttered in the kitchen, and the desk in the living room still needs some work, but considering this was the work of only two women over a six hour period. The office was straightened up substantially, and the boxes are now all stacked nice and neat. It will now be much easier to grab a box, and quickly go through it basis not even being able to get into the room let alone actually putting the children's clothing away. The two women that were working in there also started the kids' room, and they got about half way done before they had to leave. Carey and I mostly worked in our room. Bleh. Never listen to a man. He told me last night he'd pulled out every single article of clothing in our room but we found a lot today, way more than I expected. Then again, half of what we dredged up is also being gotten rid of. Yay. I expected to feel a lot more upset about this, but in reality just very relieved. And while we still have a long ways to go, the end is in sight.

After everyone left, we worked a little longer in our room before getting ready to have dinner at Carey's parents. His Aunt Maggie and her family were in town. Her son Jordan will be starting at the University this fall and Carey was excited to show him around a bit. Dinner was great. Carey's mom made some turkey with a great cranberry sauce. I'll have to see about getting the recipe from her. Kitty munched on a raw asparagus for a while, and then went crazy for some rice. I couldn't feed her fast enough. Everyone had creamsicles for dessert, and I never even got a bit of mine. I had barely unwrapped it when a greedy little piggy sitting on my lap shoved it in her face. I expected her to take a few sucks, decide it was too cold, and shove it away. Instead. she consumed 90% of it. I finally took it away because I didn't want her to get sick. A cute pic of that is forthcoming.

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