Busy, Busy

The last few days have been pretty hectic. The kids are getting into everything, my finger still hurts pretty bad, etc. etc.

The children are driving me crazy. The only free time I have had away from them all week, besides that blissfull 20 minutes spent at the Needle Nook on Monday, was a wonderful hour and half that Carey gave me Wednesday night. So I went back to the Needle Nook (where else? :D) for another 20 minutes and walked out with not only the wool I needed for James WCTP bag, but a beautiful pair of bone knitting needles as well as the dpn's I needed to get Deedee's tea set started. So, both have now officially been cast on although I am mainly working on James bag. I know, I know. Deedee's birthday comes first, but you try knitting on those tiny toothpicks with a bum finger. :D James' bag is going well, if I do say so myself, especially since this is my first foray into intarsia.

I also picked up dinner at the Co Op while I was out and about. I got some excellent chocolate truffles there. And I decided to rent some movies as well. It's the first time that I've done this in so long that I don't remember the last time I did it. I chose three movies that I wanted to see for once. Carey usually brings home interesting movies but it's so rare that it's one that I had really really been wanting to see. I chose three: The Reading Room, The Devil Wears Prada, and The Girl From Paris. I had been looking forward to The Reading Room for some time and it lived up to all of it's potential. A nice heartwarming story. As for The Devil Wears Prada, a fun film but I'm not going to run out and buy it. I'm looking forward to The Girl From Paris sometime this weekend. Probably tomorrow night while Carey is at his D&D game so I don't have to listen to him complaining about it. Then again, he has admitted the other two weren't too bad, so I don't know.

Carey says I need to have my finger checked out again and this time we're going to have it x-rayed. It shouldn't still hurt this bad after almost two months. I still can't hardly bear any weight on it and it took me forever to open a jar of pear juice for Kitty because I couldn't grip it right without it hurting. It's also almost perpetually slightly swollen which has me worried about nerve damage. :(

Carey sold a set of his mech's on Ebay Tuesday evening. It was a set of seven of the eight Atlas' and we set it at $30 but it ended at $80. Very nice. The fellow who bought was from Germany of all places and he paid very quickly. Yay. It's so nice when you get a wonderful buyer like that. So, we mailed it out on Thursday for $22. Ouch. That's a lot of money for shipping. I also mailed out very late Christmas presents to Lisa & Ali, Drew, and Cody. The items arrived late and I've been so busy that I kept forgetting to mail them.

Deedee is still doing well on her potty training but I'm about ready to kill the boys. I don't know which one is doing it, but one (if not both) is being too lazy to go to the bathroom and has been peeing all over the floor of their bedroom. It's smells horrible in there. I know Charles is definitely doing it. Carey actually caught him last night using a box for target practice. I now have a huge monstrous pile of dirty laundry. And to make it worse, Charles went to bed in our bed last night with no diaper on and left a huge puddle on Carey's side, all the way through our feather tick. So now I have to make a trip to the laundromat. Argh.....

Last night a nasty little cough decided to pay Deedee a visit and liked her so well it decided to stick around. She wound up puking all over the living room floor although I was able to direct her to her potty chair for the last half of it so there wasn't quite so much of a mess to pick up. So I took her upstairs for another bath. I know she must have been feeling poorly because she took her medicine without a fight and she even smiled at me. She was ready to get out after she washed her hair (she poured a cup full of water down her bangs all by herself) and I wrapped her up in a thick towel to rub her down. She even said thank you. And she didn't fuss when I wrapped her up in a thick blanket on Charles bed so she could look out the window. She went right to sleep and I haven't heard a peep out of her.

So I cancelled our appointment with Sydney tonight. Carey's Aunt Maggie is in town and I was planning seeing her although I'm not sure if it's a good idea if Deedee's sick. But maybe with a nice long nap she'll be feeling better and we can still go.

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Keppy said...

Did you enjoy the Devil Wears Prada? DH and I loved it - it was so hmm... um... superficial :-) We just thought it was so funny and both were thanking god we don't work for the bitch. lol