Not only is Carey on vacation for the next week from school as well as work, but my three oldest angels are staying with my parents. It was my family's turn for Christmas Day this year and when it was time to go home, the kids just stayed there. Of course, we had to pack a whole suitcase for the kids so they'd have enough clothes to last for the week since my poor parents' washer died on them.

Christmas was nice, although, it was very loud and we also were only able to spend a couple of hours there. So, yeah, drive two hours, stay a little while, then drive two more hours. Bleh..... We almost didn't go since our wonderful little Kitty kept us up most of the night so we were exhausted. We didn't wake up until 9.30 and it was really quiet so Carey thought that meant the kids were still asleep. WRONG! Charles & Deedee had woken up, gone downstairs and proceeded to open up every single thing. There was paper, and shredded gift boxes and stuff everywhere. We had a heck of a time figuring out what belonged to whom on several items. LOL
So, Carey and I have been enjoying ourselves for the last couple of days. It's been nice only having one rug rat around as well as being able to sleep in as much as we like. The last couple of days was spent shopping and paying bills with some Christmas money we got. There truly are angels watching after us since not only was Carey's grandparents very generous, but we also received a large gift card for a local Co Op from an anonymous member of our Church.

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